#BuroBrides: 10 Wedding shoes to glide down the aisle in

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By Wei Yeen Loh

#BuroBrides: 10 Wedding shoes to glide down the aisle in

Your bridal ensemble is not complete without a pair of exquisite heels (or flats, whichever tickles your fancy) for you to strut down the aisle in. There are a couple of things you need to check out when it comes to getting that one amazing pair of shoes for your big day, from comfort and budget to colur and design. 


While we all would love to totter around in the most breathtaking pair of shoes that could put Cinderella’s glass slippers to shame, nothing is as important as breaking your new shoes in before you wear it on the big day. Wear it at home for weeks/months leading up to your wedding so you won’t have achey blistered feet post-ceremony. If you’re one who loves going against the grain, we’ve got you covered with the prettiest flats that will have you comfortably making rounds as you greet your guests. Don’t forget to take on a pair of open-toe sandals if your feet absolutely cannot take pointed-toe pumps without the pain—you’ll thank your lucky stars for making the right choice after your ceremony. 


From floral embellished pumps to crystal strappy sandals, here are 10 shoe choices for every bride-to-be out there:

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