How to live your best life according to fashion's SS20 campaigns

How to live your best life according to fashion's SS20 campaigns

Live the dream

Text: Stephanie Boey

When life gives you lemons, you sip lemonade by the pool in your sunglasses.

Burberry says OOTDs are way more fun with friends

Fashion's much more enjoyable when you have pals that you can dress up with. Use your shared love for fashion to bond even more. Remember, friends that dress well together, stay together.



Embrace the years you've lived, says Coach

Age is just a number, and honestly, the higher the number, the more experiences and stories you have! Take a page out of Jennifer Lopez's book. She's turning 51 this year and is absolutely killing it. We're still thinking about her Superbowl performance with Shakira, yowza!



Louis Vuitton Men's suggests to toss the old idea of gender norms

Toxic masculinity is so 2000 and late. Whoever said boys can't like the same things as girls got it all twisted. Total gender equality for 2020 and forever.



Versace wants you to Google yourself

The world is your oyster so make every outfit count! Did you know that Google Images was invented after Jennifer Lopez wore that gravity-defying Versace dress to the Grammys in 2000? That's two for two for Jenny from the block!



A quick getaway is what you need, according to MSGM

Take a break. Go on a holiday, you deserve it! It doesn't even have to be anywhere far. All you need is good company for a fun summer break.



Gucci says to love your pets!

Got a furry friend? Bring ‘em along! Gucci suggests your animal companion have a share of fun, too.



Salvatore Ferragamo would like you to go outside more

So you and your mates love an adventure? Plan an outdoor excursion! Ditch the phones and get in touch with nature for the ultimate getaway.



Life is short, Bottega Veneta proposes to live it to the fullest

But hey, if you're looking to splurge, by all means, go all out. Hop on a yacht and cruise around the seas for a luxe vacation.



Fendi would like you to practise self care

But in all honesty, a true vacation is a state of mind. You don't have to travel far to have a good time. Kick back and relax in your own patio or garden for a quick staycation.