Buro 24/7 Exclusive: Fendi ‘HypnoShine’ video



By Buro247

Buro 24/7 Exclusive: Fendi ‘HypnoShine’ video

There are not many who would agree to voluntary hypnotism but the same cannot be said about Fendi’s latest video release. Introducing the ‘HypnoShine’ sunglasses, the Fall/Winter 2016 accessory features fluid yet graphic lines, enhancing the sophisticated sensuality of the ultra-flat frames. Available in cat-eye and squared models, the collection comes in multiple colour choices will have you spoiled. Think green metals with green shaded lenses and burgundy metals with burgundy and amber lenses, amongst others. 

Complementing the unique characteristics of the accessory, ‘HypnoShine’ is unveiled in the magnetic video of moving patterns, appearing in a funky yet whirling microcosm. From floating waves and hypnotic eyes to mirrors reflecting shapes and liquids in a surreal world, the cool eyewear are shaped and coloured by fluctuating optical illusions. Taking the new frames into a game of abstract silhouettes from green to blue and Bordeaux to amber, the spellbinding video makes us want to add the full collection to our shopping carts.

Get ready to be hypnotized in the video below – you’ve been warned:

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