Everyday Rock Stars: Lust-worthy statement earrings to add to your jewel-drobe now

Earrings that say it all


By Kelly Lim

Everyday Rock Stars: Lust-worthy statement earrings to add to your jewel-drobe now

When it comes to elevating any outfit, jewellery is everyone’s best friend. Simply look to the AW22 catwalks from New York to Paris to see how its done––beyond the thigh-high kicks and furry fun, designers upped the ante with massive statement jewellery that varied from cuffs and bangles stacked up to the elbow, to crystal visions that dared to outshine the chandelier. Of the various takes, cool look-at-me earrings shone through as the hen’s teeth, a timeless, fuss-free trend that can take you beyond the party season and apply instantly to the everyday. 

It’s not difficult to see why. A pair of statement earrings can negate bad hair days, pull together often repeated outfits and make the transition from day-to-night more easily than any other piece. Think brightly-coloured jewels to bring a dose of escapist joy to monotonous looks, or go big or go home in gold or silver styles that can even transform a plain white T-shirt. When it comes to styling options, you can either relish in over-the-top chaos by adopting the “more is more” mentality or embrace a more minimalistic aesthetic by allowing the boujee accessory to speak for itself. And sometimes, as the runways show, a single piece can even be more than enough.

The key to pulling off this bold jewellery trend is to look for pieces that have an architectural design or unique texture (a standout factor that resonates with your style), or choosing options that’ll transcend trends, such as classic stone embellishments or neutral metals if you want something that’ll see through the years. Apply the same rules to your outfit of choice to stay out of kitschy territory––unless that’s the vibe you’re going for. 

Look no further for our pick of the best statement earrings to bring even the most simplest of everyday looks to life: 

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