Accessory of the day: Y/Project’s AW19 sculptural chokers


By Stephanie Boey

Accessory of the day: Y/Project’s AW19 sculptural chokers

Creative director Glenn Martens left little to the imagination with the accessories at Y/Project. Naked bodies sculpted in delicate porcelain served as chokers, cuffs and earrings. Inspired by the middle ages, marble statues and figures were reimagined for the 21st century as decorative works of adornments — art as fashion and vice versa. Designed by Stéphanie D’heygere (the designer behind Y/Project’s signature maxi hoops), each piece consisted of a pair of intertwining bodies in the height of passion. “It’s kama sutra positions”, Martens cheekily reveals to WWD. Contorted bare bodies dipped in red and grey decorating the décolletage is one sure-fire way to kickstart a conversation. Art, sex and fashion, the golden trifecta! To the naked eye (pun not intended, but it works), the chokers are erotic but not necessarily obscene. What’s definitely NSFW are the cuffs, swipe below at your own risk.

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