Accessory of the day: Gucci’s AW19 gilded ear cuffs


By Su Fen Tan

Accessory of the day: Gucci’s AW19 gilded ear cuffs

Gucci’s shows are always a feast for the senses. After the fashion elite took their seats, the room was enveloped in darkness, as sounds of animals snarling fill the air. Then, the 120,000 LED-lit stage flashed to a slow, ominous beat, before settling into a mysterious pulse, signalling the first looks down the runway.

A myriad of accessories completed the 87 ensembles, ranging from the edgy and theatrical to more practical options. The fantastical masks—some lined up aggressive spikes, a running theme in the collection—were runway artifice, not for sale. What we might be able to get our hands (or ears) on in the near future are those ear coverings gilded in gold-toned metal. They were inspired by Eduardo Costa’s Fashion Fiction #1, part of a series where the artist produced 24-carat gold jewellery made in the shape of body parts. Michele’s renditions of the ear piece include ones that come with their own accessories, such as studs or even hoop earrings, placing statement on statement as he does best. Got an occasion where you’d rather steer clear from the drama? Put these on and hear no evil—or at least you can play pretend.


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