9 Pairs of sensible party heels to dance the night away


By Stephanie Boey

9 Pairs of sensible party heels to dance the night away

The joy of the party season comes with minor stressors. Making sure you find the perfect gift for your loved ones is high up there. But once you’ve settled your presents for everybody on your ‘Nice’ list, it’s also good to splurge on yourself! Treat yourself right and take the time to find the perfect party outfit this festive season (be it rented or bought). Feast your eyes on our handpicked list of petite party bags to go with it, too. Our philosophy this year when it comes to handbags is that less is more. Bring only your essentials and leave the excess baggage behind as we spearhead into 2020.

Next up on the shopping list is arguably the most crucial—shoes. Choose wisely as they are responsible for the comfort and outcome of your night. Just like picking the perfect bag, finding the right pair comes with a few prerequisites. Starting with: What are your plans for the night? If they involve you dancing or being on your feet all night, you might want to ease up on the stilettos and go with a more sensible pair that will be kind to your feet. Key styles to look out for when it comes to a long night out: medium height and broad heels. Square, block heels and platforms provide height while going easy on the feet. If you’re wondering why, it’s because the larger surface area distributes your weight evenly ie. exerting less pressure on your soles (and soul!). Who knew shoe shopping could be so scientific?!

Below, 10 pairs of shoes that will give you a boost, all while being kind to your feet:

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**Sourcing by Nathanael Hsieh

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