Made in Malaysia: The freshest ear candy to put on loop


By Su Fen Tan

Made in Malaysia: The freshest ear candy to put on loop

One of the best things about attending music festivals like the recent Good Vibes Fest is definitely discovering new (to you) acts that may have otherwise slip under the radar. My favourite find from the festival was Shelhiel, a local singer-rapper/producer who entranced the Electric Fields with his ethereal electronic sounds—the trippy MV that accompanies his song ‘Flowers 花’ is well worth checking out too. Bil Musa’s ‘Pikachu (Aku Pilih Kamu)’ follows the opening track nicely with its breezy mood and tinkling keys in the background. Keeping it laidback is ‘Daylight’, an R&B-tinged jam from Jaie and Nyk.

Yuna claps back at her critics with ‘Likes (ft. Kyle)’, at the same time highlighting the pressure about being on social media and getting approval from people you don’t know. ICYMI, get the low-down on every track off her latest album Rouge here. Talitha. and Yewy’s ‘on you’ runs along the same veins, a low-key flip-off to the negative and toxic people in their lives. The trip into mellow town continues with Battle Bloom’s ‘Ocean’—which paints the journey of a lone traveller and the notion of being at home with a loved one, wherever it may be—and Zee Avi’s long-awaited new single ‘Saya, Kamu’.

Take it back up a notch with ‘Caramel Cream’ by Midnight Fusic, a sweet, groovy ode to love. Lost spaces‘’ will have you doing quite the opposite with its bopping synths, before actually slowing down towards the end as it fades out. Then we move into hip-hop territory, as Airliftz shouts out to the girls in the region with ‘SEA Gyal’. Hip-hop collective K-Clique doesnt disappoint with ‘Mimpi’, showcasing the diversity of the members’ deliveries along with Alif on the hook.

DJ Blink steps out of his comfort zone in ‘2gether’, putting his vocals in the spotlight for the first time in an electro-pop track about creating memories together. Elsewhere, Friend of Buro Daphne Charice debuted her original ‘死心塌地’, a soft-pop croon about an unfaltering love. The series of firsts is followed by ‘Believe Us’, composer/producer Loh Ui Li‘s single (a self-funded project that came to life after five years in the making) featuring Melissa Sasa on vocals which sings of interracial love.

Fall for the quirky musical styling of The Venopian Solitude in ‘Layar’, an EJM (Electronic Joget Music) track off her second album Hikayat Gundik Berirama. Finally, take one last flight out with Paperplane Pursuit’s ‘My Friends’—the band is retiring after 10 years in the music scene with two upbeat numbers to bid farewell to the fans on a feel-good note.

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