Master ‘The Art of Gifting’ with Louis Vuitton

LV stationery, anyone?


By Su Fen Tan

Master ‘The Art of Gifting’ with Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was a craftsman who took pride in his art of packing—not just clothes, but also treasures, memories, and experiences—hence the iconic trunks that gave his brand its luxurious reputation. Subsequently, the spirit of Louis Vuitton is continued in the House’s dedication to excellent craftsmanship, as well as in the creation of desirable little marvels, like the Pateki, a brainteaser crafted from a piece of wood by the founder’s grandson, Gaston Louis Vuitton.


In 2017, the luxury house opens a fresh chapter dedicated to the experience of exceptional gifts with the ‘The Art of Gifting’ collection, which comprises of a range of elegant stationery, beautifully crafted household objects and whimsical parlour game toys—from leather notebooks and photo frames, to decks of cards that come in monogrammed canvas boxes.  How does a Louis Vuitton yoyo sound for a gift?

‘The Art of Gifting’ is now available in Louis Vuitton stores worldwide, and new creations will be added to the collection along the way—so the next time you’re out shopping for a gift, you know where to pop by.


Take a closer look at the collection here:

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