Colour Me Green: The best green manicures for your 2021 reset

Colour Me Green: The best green manicures for your 2021 reset

New beginning

Text: Redzhanna Jazmin

Image: Instagram: @soph_builds_nails

If the MCO 2.0 has left you in a creative slump, here are some fresh (and green) nail ideas to get your cogs turning again

It is no secret that 2020 sucked. In quick summary, last year was essentially just headline after headline, each more devastating than the last. Now, a month into 2021, it's not looking like the overall circumstances are changing much—however, though things aren't looking up just yet, that's no reason to stop looking forward. That's why our colour of the year is green.

Green has come to symbolise many things. Nature, jealousy, and Christmas are probably the first three associations to pop into your head, but what we've actually come to love about the shade is something else it represents—renewal, growth, and new beginnings. In 2021, we're looking forward to a better year (if only marginally) and jumping in head-first, wearing our new favourite hue.

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As we've already got you covered on the face-first front, we think it's high time we move on to the mitts and toes—ahead, find our picks for our favourite green manicures to serve as your optimistic nail inspo moving forward.

Go classic

Ride the (French) wave

Make the most of the negative space

Go delicious

Speak your 'mani' truths 

Dabble in typography

Mix-n-match metallics

Inject a little nature into your nails...

...or inject a lot of nature

(Don't) stay jaded...

Get psyched!


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