How to revive your skin and body when Ramadan is over

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

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How to revive your skin and body when Ramadan is over

From catching up on beauty sleep to restoring your natural glow, here’s your new post-fasting routine.

Raya is fast-approaching, which means it’s time to gear up for festivities galore. Whether you’re hosting an open house or you’re just visiting them, you’ll want to look your best. Now, fasting for Ramadan may have taken a toll on your body, and while we have already given you tips to deal with bad breath and breakouts, reviving your skin after a month of interrupted sleep and dehydration is a whole ‘nother ballpark!

Fret not, though—we’ve got your back. Ahead, find our guide to reviving your skin and body when Ramadan is over:


Step 1: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

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A month of fasting has likely left your skin a little dull and sallow, so one instant way to zhush up your glow is to get back on the exfoliation train! You’ll want to opt for chemical exfoliants over physical ones when it comes to your face—not only will AHAs help to get rid of dead skin cells, but they’ll help lighten up any dark spots too. Something like Chanel Beauty’s Nº1 de Chanel Revitalising Mask would be perfect for this—this mask is concentrated with red camellia extract and hibiscus flower acids to smooth texture and refine obvious pores.

For your body, try the Aromatica Salt Body Scrub in Magnolia and Sandalwood. The physical exfoliant uses three salt types to tackle difficult areas of dryness like the elbows and ankles and is infused with seven plant oils to moisturise the skin and prevent further dryness.


Step 2: Replenish hydration

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There are two ways to do this and both are necessary: 1) Drink at least two litres of water a day and 2) layer up on your skincare. It’s crunch time—you’ll want to load up on hydrating sheet masks and moisturisers as they are the key to restoring that juicy bounce in your complexion.

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Our pick for this month? The Laneige Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask—infused with both peptide complex and peony and collagen complex, the overnight mask works to restore your skin’s plumpness and bounce overnight! Plus, if you need a top-up, keeping a hydrating facial mist on hand will help you stay fresh and hydrated throughout the day!

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Step 3: Double down on eye care

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Early morning starts are over (until next year, at least), so it’s time to catch up on your beauty sleep. On top of that, you’ll also want to work on undoing the damage of sleep deprivation from this month. The best way to do that? Invest in good eye care! Lancome’s Advanced Génifique Wrinkle & Dark Circle Eye Cream is a multitasking powerhouse that has been proven to visibly reduce dark circles and smooth fine lines in just one week—the perfect rejuvenating formulation for your post-Ramadan bags. And, if you’re happy to splurge more on your eye care, the La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift Serum helps to visibly lift and contour your eye area for brighter, more awake peepers.


Step 4: Get your sleep schedule back on track

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Speaking of eye care, beauty sleep is another thing you’ll need to kick the eyebags and the fatigue. Unfortunately, when your sleep cycle has been interrupted for a month, it may be hard to get things back on track.

That’s where sleep supplements may come in handy—the Moom Sleep/Well supplement is a tried and tested favourite of Team BURO’s, and has seen us through many sleepless nights. All that’s in it is low-dose melatonin and a blend of herbs that encourage melatonin production in your body to help you fall asleep faster (and stay asleep for longer!).


Step 5: Supplement your diet

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If, like most of us, you opted for lazier, less nutritionally balanced meals to fuel your sahur and it’s taken a toll on your body, fret not. The bad hair days and fatigue are temporary as long as you stay on top of your nutrition game for the next few months. Now, cooking a perfectly balanced meal is easier said than done, so we recommend taking a few supplements to make sure you’re ticking every box.

Our picks are the Blackmores Multivitamin + Mineral, a once-daily multivitamin that contains 20 essential nutrients, and the Swisse Biotin and Vitamin C Complex, a collagen-boosting, antioxidant-rich supplement for overall better health.


Step 6: Revive your tresses

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From heading to the salon for a specialised hair treatment to finding the right tools to style your mane, bringing the gloss and softness back into your lengths is key to rejuvenating your look post-Ramadan.


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