Date night 101: Pre-date grooming tips for men

Date night 101: Pre-date grooming tips for men

Groomed to perfection

Text: Redzhanna Jazmin

If you're not one to comb your hair every other day (or clean your nails regularly), this guide is made for you

Valentine's Day is coming up, just in case you needed the reminder (you're welcome—yes, you can go book the restaurant, we'll wait). Whether you're taking your honey out for a special dinner date or you're throwing yourself onto the dating scene, you're going to have to look like a functioning person.

Lucky for you, we're here to tell you what you'll have to do to look like an actual adult, and it's really not that hard. Heed our advice below to clean up nicely.

Hit the shower

This should (hopefully) be common sense at this point, but you'd be surprised how many men skip a full body hose down before a big date. There's no point looking like a snack if you don't smell the part so, for your (and your date's) sake, take a shower.

Oral fixation

Imagine that your date is going well. They seem into it, and you've been giggling all night—they're sending you all the right signals. You reach for their hand and look into their eyes and pause there for a moment. They glance down at your lips and you do the same. They start to lean in. You close your eyes and part your lips but... nothing happens. You open your eyes and they're throwing up in a trash can. What did you do? Was it something they ate? No, it was something they smelt—your breath.

Don't let that be you. Brush, floss and use mouthwash (and no cigarettes!) In fact, avoid this whole situation by also packing some gum—and share it with your date.

No sweat

To offset the nervous sweats, hit your pits with a spritz of antiperspirant deodorant. Opt for something mildly scented or unscented, preferably one that doesn't overwhelm your cologne. And it better not be Lynx.

Don't forget your cologne

On the note of olfactory etiquette, if you'd like to take it up a notch (or the time you have to get ready does not permit a shower) then spritz a dash of cologne before leaving the house. There are lots of lovely scents about but find one that feels like you. Remember these rules: spritz the wrists and neck and never rub (it dulls the top notes and changes the way it smells). Also, don't go overboard—you don't want to suffocate your date!

Fix your face up

Ah, yes, the money maker. You'll want to look as fresh as you can, so slap a bit of moisturiser on straight out of the shower (if you really want to impress, you could exfoliate and tone beforehand). Then, give your face a once over with a razor to rid yourself of the stubble and follow up with some aftershave. On the other hand, if you sport a beard on the regular, trim it yourself or head to the barbers to neaten it out, then follow with some beard oil. Fact: grooming your beard can make an old haircut look fresh.

Check out our resident beauty buff's grooming kit for more ideas.

Comb your hair

Date night 101: Pre-date grooming tips for men (фото 1)
It's so simple—wash your hair, comb it through, put a little product in it and style it. Our top tip for date hair is just to keep it tidy. First impressions may not be everything but they sure are important! Plus, even if your dearest has seen you at your worst, making an effort once in a while is always a nice change of pace that they'll appreciate.

Pay attention to your nails

Date night 101: Pre-date grooming tips for men (фото 2)
Cut your nails! There is nothing more off putting than a set of gritty, grubby, scraggly fingernails. Make sure you cut them short and keep them clean, or if you're lazy to DIY, get a mani-pedi at a salon.

Nose, ears, chest, back, balls

Those on the fuzzier side, all these body parts will require trimming (or waxing). Working out the, ahem, logistics is easier with some parts than others, but there are definitely ways to get it done. In any case, good luck and godspeed.

Most importantly, though, be yourself.