17 Lessons we learnt from Hilary Duff’s “sparkle in quarantine” makeup tutorial


By Wei Yeen Loh

17 Lessons we learnt from Hilary Duff’s “sparkle in quarantine” makeup tutorial

Quarantine makeup 101

Lessons we learnt from Hilary Duff’s ‘sparkle in quarantine’ makeup look

Need a mood booster while you stay home this MCO? Learn a beauty tip or two from actress Hilary Duff. The actress flaunts her skills in a 20-minute long beauty tutorial on IGTV—here’s a breakdown of what we learnt from her “sparkle in quarantine” home video:


 Prep clean skin with a mist

Duff uses a vitamin C mist to prep her skin before makeup application. Tip: don’t forget to lather on sunscreen if you’re using vitamin C in the daytime.

 Wear your eye balm as a lip balm

In the video, she uses Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Eye Balm for her lips as well. Tip: warm the product up with your fingertips before applying it.

 Don’t be afraid of oils

“I’m an oil queen,” she proclaims. If you find that your makeup doesn’t stay well on your skin, apply oils at night instead.

Hit the base

 go with a light base

Duff uses Giorgio Armani’s Power Fabric Foundation Balm to even out her skin tone—she pats a little bit on her eyelids as well to create a base.

 No brushes? No worries

Use your fingertips to pat concealer on if you have undereye circles. “I don’t like the super white cast beneath the eyes—it looks highly unnatural. But it’s necessary if you have dark eye circles.”

 contour your eyelids

Use a deep brown shade to create a crease in the eyelids, and drag the brush down to the sides of the nose to contour it.

 ‘W’ is the magic letter

Don’t know how to contour? Think of your face as a “W”—glide your brush down and up your facial angles as you would write the letter “W”. Blend the harsh lines out with a BeautyBlender, then apply highlighter using the base of the sponge.

 match your blush with your hair colour

Got a hair colour that best resembles a “murky lake”? Work with it. Duff uses M.A.C Cosmetics Mineral Blushers in a coral hue to complement her hair colour.

All eyes

 Have fun with coloured liquid liners

“I start in the middle of my lash line and paint it out to the edge of my eyes…I flick it out to my crease and make that line bigger.” Tip: Press the liner on the lash line instead of dragging it to create a line.

 just wing it

“Cat eyes can be cousins not twins, because it’s so hard to do. As long as you have the right shape, no one is going to judge if [your cat eye] is spot on.”

 for doll-like eyes

Use mascara on your lower lash line for definition, then comb through the clumps with a spoolie brush.

 Brow game on

Regardless of product, use tiny brush strokes to fill in the brows for a naturally “fluffy” look.

Finishing touches

 there are no rules in makeup

Use your highlighter as an eyeshadow. “I’m going to create a sheen on the lid…I’m not being too precious about it. You can be smudge-y, and you can bring it out to the side of your eyes.” Duff also applied highlighter to her undereye areas to set her makeup.

 continue highlighting…

Apply highlighter on the cupid’s bow and on the tip of the nose; don’t forget your collarbone!


Duff uses Nudestix’s Magnetic Plush Paints for her lips and cheeks. “It’s nice to be cohesive.” Tip: Smudge your lip colour with your fingers for a stained effect, then apply the same colour on the cheeks with a sponge.

 An extra sheen doesn’t hurt

Swipe some gloss over the cheeks for a next-level glow. Tip: Apply it all over the face if you like, then swipe on bronzer for final definition.

 a final sparkle

“The other fun thing I’ve been doing to make my day more sparkly is to pop face crystals on. My kids really like these,” says Duff.

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