WATCH: My boyfriend does my makeup for Valentine’s Day

Everybody loves a sequel


By Redzhanna Jazmin

WATCH: My boyfriend does my makeup for Valentine’s Day

For this instalment of BURO Beauty Boyfriend, Garston gets Beauty Editor Red ready for date night—watch the chaos unfold below.

Welcome back to another session of BURO Beauty Boyfriend. Today, we’ll be doing something that has never been attempted before by anyone else on this planet: he’s going to do my makeup. Just joking! Believe it or not, this isn’t our first rodeo with this challenge. If you missed the last one, it’s linked below.

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Of course, we weren’t just going to do the same video again—that would be boring. So, this time around, we’re doing things with a twist. In the last round, I gave Garston full creative freedom over my look. This time, however, he will be working off of a reference I’ve given him. Will he succeed? Read on to find out.

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Image: Pinterest

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I picked this stunning look—the pink shimmery lid and lip, iridescent purple accents and peachy pink lip are all on theme for the season and, more importantly, just my style.



Is it perfect? No. Does it match the reference? Also no. Did I go out like this after? Yes, actually. The eyeshadow was a little harsh in the corners and the eyeliner was a little too straight out for my preferences, but once I’d blended out the harsh edges and fixed up the liner, everything else was pretty much already good to go.

All in all, it doesn’t really look like the reference, but he did a pretty decent job recreating the shape of the eyeshadow and the luminous skin finish. In fact, the skin was my favourite part of the whole look. Note to self: The Laura Mercier Flawless Weightless Perfecting Foundation is great—really glowy and smooth, with all-day lasting power. I can see why it went viral. The only thing I’d change is the shade match—I’m really pale at the moment so it ended up a little orangey—nothing a bit of powder can’t fix, though!

He also used the Chanel Nº1 De Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm and Les Beiges Healthy Winter Glow Blush to give me a nice natural flush. The balm was so easy to blend (even for Garston!) and the powder blush was perfect as a finishing touch—needless to say, both have made it into my everyday routine.

I do wish he’d made more use of the shimmer and metallic pinks in the Pat McGrath Mothership XI Eye Shadow Palette to get the look more true to the reference, but for someone who had no idea what he was doing, I really can’t complain about the result. PS: For the lips, that one is on me—I completely forgot to pack the right shades for him to use so it’s my fault that they look nothing like the reference (oops!).



I’ll say it: Garston’s makeup skills have massively improved since he last did this challenge. He’s definitely not a professional yet, but he’s gotten a lot more confident with makeup. What can I say? I’m proud!


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