WATCH: My boyfriend did my makeup and it… wasn’t a complete disaster?

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

Collage by Sarah Tai for BURO
WATCH: My boyfriend did my makeup and it… wasn’t a complete disaster?

What happens when you let your boyfriend do your makeup? BURO’s Beauty Editor Red puts her partner to the ultimate test in this challenge video.

For as long as we’ve been dating, I have been trying to get my boyfriend to take care of himself beyond anti-acne face wash and three-in-one shampoo. It’s been a long road, but he now has a full, 10-step skincare routine, an impressive hair care routine and even a makeup routine (albeit a short one).

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What I’m trying to say is that he’s a full-on beauty girlie now, and I couldn’t be prouder. Of course, my work isn’t over—until he’s a full-fledged beauty boy, I’ll never rest. Why? Investment for the future. What if I’m in the hospital and I need to look snatched for whatever reason? What if I break my arm and can’t do my makeup for work events? While I’m confident in his abilities to do my skincare for me, I need to make sure he’s got the gams to go the whole way.

So, I asked him to do my makeup. The idea was simple: I let him take the reins, armed with his natural talents and unlimited access to my beauty stash. Not only that, but I also gave him complete creative freedom over the look too—after all, if I lose my glasses and contacts and am immediately invited to an impromptu event, I want to be able to trust him to create a look for me.

For your convenience, I documented the process in a quick little video—you can watch it here:


WATCH: Boyfriend does my makeup challenge


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The vision:

Apparently, it was a natural, simple look. Specifically, in his words, “everyday casual, no frills”. I don’t know how either of those two things applies to the look he delivered, but that’s what I was told going into this.


The results:

Well, it’s a lot. Let me break it down: We’ve got an asymmetric pink and black graphic eye, a matching hot pink lip, a multi-texture ombre blush and a subtle, glistening highlight.

The technique could use some work—while he was right in using the Rare Beauty four-in-one to prime and set my face, he was spraying it so close that it hadn’t dispersed properly, separating my foundation and leaving my base looking a little… off. On that note, he also used way too much foundation—fortunately, he took a lot of it off with the beauty sponge, but there was still a hefty layer on my face in the final product.

I’d say he also struggled a lot with the contour. In addition to the placement sagging my face, he also applied way too much—so much so that it just kind of looked like I had dirt on my face. Again though, you have to give the man props for even knowing what contour was in the first place!


The verdict:

In all honestly, I expected Mr G to kill this challenge. He’s seen me do my makeup plenty of times in person, and I have given him many (unasked-for) tutorials over the phone. I think he had a pretty good baseline reference for my personal tastes, and he did recognise a lot of my favourite products.

Now, did he do well? Honestly, it’s not that bad. Objectively, it’s not great, but given that it’s his first time doing makeup on someone else’s face, I’d say his handiwork is pretty impressive! Don’t get me wrong—there’s definitely room for improvement (personally, I would have just made the graphic liner symmetrical), but his hands were really steady while doing my eyeliner, he managed to fill in my lips without going over the lines, and he did a stellar job at placing my eyeshadow just where I like it.

Would I wear the look out? Uh, no. Probably not, but with a little bit more practice and some actual guidance along the way, I’d let him try doing my makeup again!

Either way, it’s a comfort to know that when I am old, grey and ridden with arthritis, Mr G will be able to pick up my slack and make me look only half insane. What do you think of the look?


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