Halloween 2019: The most-searched makeup tutorials on Pinterest this year


By Wei Yeen Loh

Halloween 2019: The most-searched makeup tutorials on Pinterest this year

Ever wondered what determines yearly trends when it comes to Halloween makeup looks? While some classic looks will always reign on the most-searched list (anything mermaids, mummies and “bad” kitties are likely up there), a handful of tutorials have found its way to most people’s Pinterest boards lately.

Namely, makeup looks inspired by characters in TV shows and movies (Scarface from The Lion King, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin etc) alongside unconventional variations i.e. mime, “cute” clown and the like. According to Pinterest’s 2019 Halloween Report, these nine Halloween makeup tutorials are trending big time this year:

Stranger Things

Up by a whopping 1569% this year, it’s no surprise that Netflix’s Stranger Things is on everyone’s makeup moodboard this Halloween season—whether it’s Eleven’s ’80s-inspired look in Season 3 or flickering Christmas lights that decorated Joyce Byers’ walls.


The Lion King

Channel your inner wild child by taking on characters from The Lion King. The live-adaptation of this Disney classic made its way to the trending list by +954%, and Scar’s makeup by +283%.

Powerpuff Girls

Our favourite childhood cartoon is making a comeback on Pinterest, with a 317% increase in Pinterest searches. We’re crushing on beauty vlogger Ellie Addis’ Powerpuff Girls makeup tutorial below—which is your favourite pint-sized hero?


If Spider-Man is your character inspiration this Halloween but you can’t find a cool enough costume to go in, fret not—draw it on like Irish makeup artist Jade Deacon here, from the webbed “mask” to the Spidey suit replete with the symbol:

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin is up this 2019 by 106%, and we’re not surprised: this look is easily the most straightforward (read: least complicated) tutorial that’s also universally flattering. Score if you’re looking for something less horror and more costume-y.

Cute clowns

Not everyone’s favourite clown character is It‘s Pennywise, which explains the 370% increase in “cute clown makeup” and 280% in “pretty clown makeup” on Pinterest. Clown makeup doesn’t have to be scary—take this beauty influencer’s almost glamorous look for example:


For makeup pros, flaunt your take on out-of-this-world looks by trying out this dual-faced extra-terrestrial look. If that’s too intense for your liking, this alien space babe tutorial may be a less challenging endeavour.


Simple mime looks gained a 153% increase on Pinterest this year, and we’re actually blown away by how feasible it is to achieve. Tip: try a “romantic” mime look as seen on makeup artist Rosalina Young:

Porcelain doll

This year’s doll makeup tutorials are less Chucky and more pretty—think a porcelain doll that’s more eerie than straight-up scream-inducing. Try a pared back tutorial (such as this almost-pretty look) instead of the regular slasher doll interpretation:

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