Here's (more) proof that Heidi Klum is the Queen of Halloween

Here's (more) proof that Heidi Klum is the Queen of Halloween


Text: Joan Kong

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Fact: No one does Halloween better than Heidi Klum

Just when we thought there's no way she could beat her OTT costume the previous year, Heidi 'Queen of Halloween' Klum has managed to continuously prove us wrong with jaw-dropping ensembles year after year. A tradition since 2000, the supermodel has spent over 16 years to master the art of Halloween dressing, and from cartoon characters to creepy creatures, you name it, she's done it. Case in point: ghoulish vampires and witches; lifelike crows and apes; sexy Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop; and intriguing 95-year-old lady and a human cadaver. After dressing up as the wolf from Michael Jackson's Thriller in 2017, she opted for a less-scary costume this year, showing up at her annual Halloween extravaganza as Princess Fiona alongside her boyfriend who went as Shrek. With the best makeup artists and prosthetic professionals in town to help her get ready, she took eight hours to put on her look—if that's not dedication, we don't know what is. Check out her Instagram for all the behind-the-scenes videos.

Scroll through to take a look at her costumes over the years—which is your favourite?

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