MCO Hair, Don't Care: Out-there hairstyles you should get before we're all reintroduced into society

MCO Hair, Don't Care: Out-there hairstyles you should get before we're all reintroduced into society


Text: Redzhanna Jazmin

Happy MCO (3.0), where the boredom is real and our tresses have been left alone for far too long. If you're ready for "Quarantine Hair: The Sequel", here are some niche ideas for your big makeover

Are you bored? We sure are. Rising cases have finally landed us back under a nationwide MCO, and with the way that cases are rising, it looks like this is once again our reality for the foreseeable future. Yes, vaccine rollouts are underway, but logistics have circumstances lagging—plus, with new variants popping up like weeds, it feels like the vaccine rollouts are just going to have to keep on coming.

Writer's note: Definitely get vaccinated ASAP, though. The pandemic is no joke and staying home and vaxxing up when your turn comes are the only ways for us to overcome the 'rona.

Fret not, though—if there is anything to rejoice about our homebound state, it's that once again, it's the perfect time to experiment with hair. We're talking high-risk, questionable reward: The return of the quarantine haircuts. It may not be a good sequel, but we'll be damned if it isn't an entertaining one.

For context: Way back when, during the first worldwide lockdown (those were the days), we saw celebs undergoing big quarantine hair makeovers left, right, and centre. Dua Lipa sported some bleached bangs courtesy of a chemical cut, a pre-cannibal scandal Armie Hammer channelled Joe Exotic with his lockdown antics, and Joe Jonas gave us a good look at his lockdown moustache routine. The point is that once again, we're going to be isolating and no one is going to be around to witness or judge any hair disasters (except family and roommates, of course). 

Think about it: It's the perfect time to get freaky with your hair. The best-case scenario? You'll love your new look and keep it going. The worst-case scenario? We're under MCO—where are you going, anyway? Win-win!

Salons are still operating, with SOPs limiting services to haircuts only, but there's nothing stopping you from hitting the bleach and scissors on your own (wink-wink). So, in the spirit of embracing the DIY life again (or—if you're responsible—the edgy, SOP-controlled salon life instead), we're rounding up all the haircuts and styles you should be trying out during this MCO.

The microbang

The mullet (and all its iterations)

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The Hime haircut

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Bleached buzz (dye optional)

Gen-Z Green (brows optional)

Scene queen coon-tails (the sequel)

The dyed underlayer

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