QUIZ: Which quarantine DIY celebrity hairdo are you?


By Redzhanna Jazmin

QUIZ: Which quarantine DIY celebrity hairdo are you?

It’s no secret that weeks on end in quarantine have left us all bored, restless and vulnerable to bad decisions; just know that you’re not alone. Celebrities—they’re just like us. Turns out, the struggle of isolation and the perils of endless boredom are universal. Look no further than the last two weeks and all you will find is DIY haircuts and dye jobs galore.

All the predictably wild peeps have kept true to their brand this quarantine season. Case(s) in point, Miley Cyrus gave her bangs a routine chop live on camera, Dua Lipa sported a mop of pink locks and P!nk opted for an all-around trim. However, there were a few unforeseen surprises, like Kristen Stewart’s return to red, Armie Hammer‘s head-to-toe Tiger King makeover and Hilary Duff’s mermaid transformation.

Want to know which celebrity hairdo your personality falls under? Look no further than our tell-all quiz!

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