The wedding hair mistakes you need to avoid on your big day

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

The wedding hair mistakes you need to avoid on your big day

When should you get your pre-wedding haircut done? In fact, should you be getting your hair cut at all? What if it all goes horribly wrong?

Your big day is no time to experiment with your look. To avoid looking back on your wedding photos with regret, we’ve spoken to Session Stylist Ckay Liow on the do’s and don’ts of pre-wedding hair prep.

From the bridal hair mistakes you should avoid making on your wedding day to the routine you should follow on the night before your nuptials, find the low-down ahead:

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Should you get a hair cut right before your wedding day?

A pre-wedding haircut is an absolute must, but you definitely shouldn’t be asking for anything drastic. “A good haircut will help your bridal hairstylist a lot when doing your hair on your actual wedding day,” according to Liow. “Just get a trim to reshape and balance the hair, and if you have especially thick or heavy hair, you should consider getting layers as it takes away unwanted weight and helps your wedding hairstyle last throughout the night.”

As for when to get your hair cut? Liow suggests getting your hair cut, coloured, and touched up a week before the big day—this gives you enough time to fix any unfortunate mishaps that may occur. Alternatively, if you’re in dire need of a big chop but you’d still like to sport some length in the bridal photos, you could always get some extensions installed! 

How should you actually prep your hair for your big day?

As far as wedding prep goes, apparently, the self-tread road to bridal hair is pretty simple. Liow asserts that the ideal bridal hair routine is just a simple wash with shampoo and conditioner on the night before your wedding, followed by a blow-dry with a round brush. Take note: It’s important that you avoid washing your hair on the morning of your big day.

In fact, Liow specifically advises against using any special hair treatments in your pre-wedding routine, such as hair masks or deep conditioners. “It will take much longer for your hairstylist to style your hair,” he explains. “Cleaned and heavily conditioned will tend to weigh down the hair, which means that your hairstyle won’t last as long.”

TL;DR? Here’s a summary of the cardinal rules of bridal hair:


  • Get a trim a week before to reshape and balance your hair
  • Touch up your roots and refresh your colour a week before
  • Get your hair layered if it’s too thick
  • Wash your hair with just shampoo and conditioner on the night before 
  • Keep extensions on-hand just in case or just for fun


  • Avoid any drastic haircuts before your wedding
  • Don’t wash your hair on the day of your wedding
  • Steer clear of hair masks and rich products

There you have it—your guide to the do’s and don’ts of wedding hair. Happy nuptials!

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