How to find the right blonde for your skin tone

Go blonde or go home


By Low Sue Mae

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How to find the right blonde for your skin tone

Has the Barbie movie tempted you to trade in your tresses for luscious blonde locks? Read this before heading to the hair salon. 

If the only thing stopping you from going blonde is the fear of looking washed out, fret not—we guarantee that you’ll look fabulous. How? It’s all about picking the right blonde. Just like with makeup and clothes, colour theory is key to making anything work for you. Some shades may suit certain skin tones more than others, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t one for you. 

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Before showing you the full spectrum of blonde, we warn you that dyeing your hair blonde requires extra care and maintenance for a healthy scalp and hair. From maintaining the colour with purple shampoo, lowering your water temperature during showers, and using regular hair masks and hair oils… the list goes on.

Now, if you are still set on transforming into a blondie after reading all that, let us guide you to the next step—choosing your shade. Ahead, read our blonde directory to guide you on your hair transformation journey.


Platinum Blonde


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Starting from the lightest of blondes, this shade is usually described as ice or platinum blonde. This icy, cool-toned shade is a key player in the bimbocore aesthetic, and it so happens to be the hue of choice of icons like Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton and, of course, Barbie. This shade works best on those with cool-toned skin—especially if you have blue or brown eyes. This edgy shade is perfect for those looking to sport the ultimate cool girl vibe.


Beige Blonde

This shade looks best on cool to neutral skin tones, comprised of a darker blonde base with light highlights that’ll add an extra pop of dimension to wavy hairstyles. It’s most flattering on those with medium or dark hair and works in both a full head transformation or in a balayage.


Strawberry Blonde


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For all the gals who want “sunset-kissed” hair, consider this reddish, warm hue. Sported by the likes of Blackpink’s Jennie Kim, this ginger-blonde is a way to turn the transitional step in between bleach sessions into a certified look—especially for stubborn Asian hair that needs multiple lifts. It best suits fair and warm skin tones, with the added benefit of a brightening effect that gives one’s complexion a beautiful radiance.


Creamy Blonde


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For girls with more neutral undertones, this blonde is made for you. This creamy, balanced blonde is a great way to add dimension to light, bleached hair without having to go too dark. 


Honey Blonde


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You’ll recognise this as Taylor Swift’s go-to blonde. Great for any skin tone, this sweet and warm blonde still has a lot of depth and warmth, so it doesn’t contrast the skin too much. It is also easier to blend into darker roots, so it’s a great option for balayages.



Natural Blonde

The name is pretty self-explanatory. This blonde shade is blended in with a hint of brown, aimed at mimicking the natural variations of naturally blonde hair. The variation in tone throughout the hair makes this shade pretty friendly for all skin tones—though it’s best to vary the base tone of the blonde to suit your skin.


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