Watch: Highlights of our exclusive #BuroxDior picnic party last week

Flashback Friday


By Wei Yeen Loh

Watch: Highlights of our exclusive #BuroxDior picnic party last week

Last week, we threw an exclusive indoor picnic party in celebration of Dior’s new Hydra Life skincare range for a guest list that include digital influencers, bloggers, and TV and radio hosts such as Bella Kuan, Nana, Amanda Chaang, Alexis Sue-ann, Trisha Kuck among many others. The girls were ferried in a fleet of limos to the event space for a lineup of activities scheduled for the morning. Whilst indulging in a picnic spread, personalities were given a lowdown on what the new skincare range entails. Shortly after, the girls got a touch up post-Zumba by way of Dior Hydra Life’s new cleansers including the no-rinse Micellar Water and Ultra Fine Exfoliating Powder before heading back to the Publika. Find out what went down at our picnic party here:

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Don’t miss out on all the highlights here:


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