BuroxDior: A picture-perfect picnic in KL to celebrate Dior Hydra Life

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By Wei Yeen Loh

BuroxDior: A picture-perfect picnic in KL to celebrate Dior Hydra Life

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, May 24, 2017, a bevy of beauties showed up at Publika in anticipation of what Buro 24/7 Malaysia and Dior Beauty Malaysia had in store for them that day. As the invites merely highlighted the pick up point, time and date, little did they know that a surprise in the form of a fleet of limousines awaited them that morning. Our esteemed guests of the day include digital influencers and bloggers Bella Kuan, Nana, Chenelle Wen, Zoey Phoon, Felicia Cheong, and Abigail Kan; along with TV and radio hosts Amanda Chaang, Maggy Wang, Juanita Ramayah, Alexis Sue-ann, Trisha Kuck, Charissa Chong, and Brynn Lovett.

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The ride to Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur was a stylish one to boot—two limousines were well-decked with a myriad of cereal bars, nuts, and fruits for personalities to grab a quick bite on the way to Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. Upon arrival at the hotel, an indoor picnic replete with lawn turf, fresh blooms, beach umbrellas, picnic blankets, and cushy customised pillows made the space near the poolside—the perfect setup to launch Dior Hydra Life, a new-generation range of hydrating formulas that offer a complete sensory experience. 


Guests partook in an early brunch as part of the picnic “spread” while getting to know more about the latest skincare range. Dior Hydra Life’s standouts include a variety of cleansers that are made for all skin types, from the Lotion To Foam Fresh Cleanser to the Oil To Milk Makeup Removing Cleanser; and face masks that retain the skin’s youthful radiance such as the Fresh Jelly Mask and Smooth Balm Mask.

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With the quaint, summer-worthy space and natural lighting courtesy of glass roofs, photo opportunities were rife to say the least—not forgetting, a powder room setup (think a balloon-filled shower) also gave personalities an avenue to revel in. Singer-songwriter Talitha Tan was present to serenade guests as well. Later on, a fun fitness session by way of a Zumba class was the next, and last, activity in the itinerary, allowing guests to work up a sweat while grooving away. The afternoon drew to an end shortly after the Zumba class, and personalities were presented with door gifts from both Buro 24/7 Malaysia and Dior Beauty before making their way back to Publika in the limousines they arrived in. 


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