Understanding the beauty of culture through the eyes of Eleena Sui, Lynn Lim and Shaine Wong

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By Gwen Ong

Understanding the beauty of culture through the eyes of Eleena Sui, Lynn Lim and Shaine Wong


Living in Malaysia, we’re never too far away from a strong culture that binds us. The connection between human and tradition is weaved deep into our lives, creating a harmonious balance that coexists with the modern world. It is with this same unique philosophy that Sulwhasoo upholds in its effort to safeguard traditional Korean culture. Sulwhasoo believes true beauty emerges through a harmonious coexistence of human, nature and culture.


In the last decade, the Sulwha Cultural Exhibition has been a centre in championing the values and preservation of heritage through modern exhibits. To mark the 11th edition this year, the luxurious skincare brand launches ‘Beauty from Your Culture’ – a global campaign that promotes the preservation of traditional culture not just in Korea but also China, Singapore and Malaysia.


To highlight the beauty and values of culture, three personalities take time off their busy schedules to tell us what makes our heritage a beautiful one.


Eleena Sui

TV host, actress, model & producer

What do you find beautiful about culture?

“I find it amazing that we can see the beauty of culture in everything, like in the people we meet, the clothes we wear, the places we go… It surrounds us.” 


Lynn Lim 

Actress & model

Why do you find culture vital?

“Well, culture is very important because it enriches one’s identity. It defines who we are and where we come from.”


Shaine Wong

Blogger & mother of two

How does culture influence your life?

“I take it as a celebration of our experience. Something that we can pass on from one generation to the next, something that I’d like to do for my children.”


As part of this campaign, limited edition ‘Beauty from Your Culture’ trial kits designed by Korean design duo – Dallae Jin and Woohyuk Park – will be on sale.

Part of the proceeds will be channelled towards sponsorship programmes for traditional craftsmen in Korea as well as various projects across the continent. For Malaysia, the proceeds will benefit the Kinabalu Park, a UNESCO Heritage Site. 

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On Saturday, 30 September 2017, head down to Sulwhasoo Sunway Pyramid Boutique for a special treat. Be among the first 20 customers to purchase RM550 and above, including ‘Beauty from Your Culture’ sets, to receive a First Care Activating Serum USB and a miniature* size bottle. You get to personalise a ‘Beauty from Your Culture’ pouch too.


*First come, first served basis


To find out more about Sulwhasoo ‘Beauty from Your Culture’ global campaign, watch the official video here



Photography: Soon Lau/Awesome Images

Videography: Octopost Studio

Styling: Chong Yi Suen

Hair: Bibian Leong

Makeup: Chu Fan

Styling assistant: Gwen Ong


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