Shu uemura’s best-kept backstage secret: The skin perfector

A unique oil elixir


By Su Fen Tan

Shu uemura’s best-kept backstage secret: The skin perfector

Feeling apprehensive about the use of oils in your skincare routine? It is about time you take a chance on this addictive, beneficial skincare experience. When it comes to facials oils, it is safe to say shu uemura reigns almighty with a half a century of oil expertise and its fair share of cult following. This year, the Japanese cosmetics brand unveils its best-kept backstage secret to creating instantly soft and smooth skin: the skin perfector.

A unique skincare oil, this cutting-edge, multi-power creation is not only beneficial as a skincare, it enhances makeup finish as a pre-makeup base too. Upon application, it quickly and deeply penetrates the skin, leaving you with silky soft, light-infused skin. At night, it protects the skin, cloaking it in a thin veil and infusing moisture as you sleep. Wake up to smooth, translucent skin in the morning, and experience the wonder of effortless, evenly-lit foundation for a natural makeup finish.

Delve in fine, natural aromas as the skin perfector works its magic; a blend of essential oils, lemons, green mandarin and peppermint awakens the senses, while lavender, sage and geranium soothes and calms the mind for a truly indulging experience.

Usage tips: Apply 2-3 drops in the morning for instantly soft, smooth and translucent skin ideal for long-lasting makeup. At night, use 4-5 drops, allowing it to protect and moisturise the skin like an intensive oil mask overnight.


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