Organic Holistic Facial: Skin-changing results that will get you hooked

Fresher than fresh


By Terry Saw

Organic Holistic Facial: Skin-changing results that will get you hooked

Tucked away at the back of its new, cozy store in Bangsar Village I is Neal’s Yard Remedies‘ first standalone organic facial room; a therapeutic space of all the calm you need to temporarily escape and disconnect from the world. Here, some highlight from my experience, and oh, the difference it makes…


A hot pot of organic calming tea is served to melt the day’s stress away, which I found quite effective as that was really the only time I’d sat down to have a beverage that day! A thorough skin analysis is then conducted to customise a treatment before I was ushered to prep for the facial.

Therapy in session

My therapist Yvonne politely gives me a lowdown on my highly congested, defeated-by-deadlines skin condition before rattling off a suggested cocktail of organic remedies, which I hope has some level of skin-changing effect on my skin.

Yvonne gets to work by thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating my skin while working in relaxing body massages using the Soothing Massage Oil, which smells heavenly. You can opt out of the steam and extraction process if you’re just in for a relaxing facial, but if the mention of extractions scares you – fret not – Yvonne is a pro. I am not a big fan of the process too, but she has made it more than bearable.

The highlight of the treatment was the double mask – a layer of Wild Rose Beauty Balm under a layer of Frankincense Mask for intense nourishment and firming. This stays on for about 20 minutes before it is wiped off with a warm towel. Tip: At home, you could also use this as an overnight mask when your skin is extremely fatigued.

I also liked the double serum step, which was recommended for my skin – Soothing StarFlower Essence followed by the Wild Rose Beauty Elixir, which is infused with Vitamin C to brighten the skin before finishing with a White Tea Eye Gel to soothe puffiness and dark circles.


It’s quite common to hear divided views when it comes to organic facials. While it may not yield the same results for everyone, I was genuinely pleased by my experience. My complexion was instantly brighter and intensely moisturised, and to my surprise, the usual ‘Rudolph-effect’ redness post-extraction was nowhere to be seen. Plus, any pampering session that ends with a hot cup of organic Beautiful Tea (a mixed blend of organic Goji Berries, Rosehip, Hibiscus and Sweet Orange) is a pretty good end to the day.

It has been a few days since the facial, and I’ll take the no-break outs, but instead, improved skin clarity as a very good sign. The tough part is really just finding a pocket of time to pencil in the next appointment. 

NYR Organic facials (from RM242 for 90 minutes) are available exclusively at Neal’s Yard Remedies, Bangsar Village I by appointment only. T: 03-2202 2399

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