The upgraded styling product range that will give you a weightless, full-bodied hairdo

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By Wei Yeen Loh

The upgraded styling product range that will give you a weightless, full-bodied hairdo

Looking for an easy breezy way to style your hair without weighing it down with unnecessary products? Say goodbye to hairstyling pet peeves i.e. lack of volume and overly dry texture with Schwarzkopf Professional’s newly revamped Osis+ Session Label range. Here are four ways how you can achieve a natural, styled look while taking care of your hair texture:

Powder Cloud, RM65

If you’ve got ultra-fine hair that always looks flat everytime you use hair spray, try Powder Cloud—a super fine powder mist that is infused with lava rock for a lightweight and flexible texture. Its cutting-edge pump function allows a precise direct application, thus lifting hair from the root while volumising it for a matte finish.

Miracle 15 styling balm

A must-have in your hair kit is a product that helps protect your hair from excessive heat styling. Take on the Miracle 15 styling balm that’s equipped with a whopping 15 benefits (from priming and protecting to defining and adding shine) for your hair. It also protects your hair from heat of up to 230°C.

Crystal Gel

Those who require a stronger hold will find the Crystal Gel handy. It is a super concentrated gel that is able to give you a more defined texture and strong hold impact. Not to mention, it isn’t your average hair gel that leaves a wet (read: uncomfortable) feeling on your scalp.

Finally, set your hair with a hairspray that wouldn’t leave your hair damaged or overly dry. We suggest using Super Dry Flex if you need a light, workable and flexible hold, while Super Dry Fix to elevate your look in the evening with a stronger hold.


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