Tried and tested: Hair treatments to revive your tresses

A renewed mane


By Wei Yeen Loh

Tried and tested: Hair treatments to revive your tresses


Kérastase Specifique treatment @ Jeff Lee The Hair Salon

Kérastase Specifique is a three-step treatment that is designed to clean and protect the scalp against pollutants and sebum build-up, in addition to addressing your hair concerns such as dandruff, sensitivity, oiliness or hair loss. I have fine hair, as such I worry about thinning and hair loss which I feel has began to show on my parting line. With a quick analysis of my scalp, the hairstylist told me to rest my fear as my hair fall was not that drastic.

The hairstylist started with what I’d call a scalp detox—the Masquargil cleanse helps to unclog pores, eliminate oil, sweat and polluting particles. The second step was a soothing massage using the Masque Hydra-Appraisant; I was told this gel cream helps moisturise and revitalise the scalp so it stays strong and healthy. The last step was called the Intensive Cure Micronization where the hairstylist sprayed a treatment phial for hair loss onto my scalp using a “microniser” shaped like an air brush. I felt like a bronze statue being prepped for an installation here. Following a quick massage of the scalp, the Kérastase Specifique treatment was done.

Throughout my session, he was patient and informative in explaining the steps to me. The only thing that bothered me was lying on a table for the duration of the hair wash and mask/massage, it can get a little stiff. But the shoulder and arms massage was great in relieving a bit of the stiffness.  

I left the salon with my hair all soft and my scalp feeling like the cleanest it has ever been. The Kérastase Specifique treatment addresses healthy hair right from the roots so your mane can stay strong for a long time. I’d recommend doing this every quarter to keep your scalp in good condition.


Pureology Fulfyll @ AM & PM Hair Studio

The hair studio is located in Klang and emanated a warm atmosphere thanks to its rustic-inspired decor. After sitting me down, my hairstylist informed me of what I can expect from this hair treatment. My hair has been dry and tangled since I last coloured it, so Pureology’s Fullfyl in-salon treatment was ideal for my hair. Its main aim is to protect hair colour radiance while creating a fuller-bodied, densifying effect thanks to IntraCylane and other active ingredients.

The treatment was relatively simple and quick. My hairstylist started off with dampening my hair and separating it into multiple sections in order to meticulously “rub” the product (in concentrated form) into my strands. I was then hooked up with a hooded hair steamer for a boost of heat and moisture to allow the treatment to penetrate each strand. This took a mere 15 minutes which didn’t feel excessively long. After the steaming, the product was rinsed out and I was then given a thorough blow-dry.

My hair felt wonderfully soft and smooth after the treatment, and the effect lasted longer than I’d expected. It helped that I also followed up with the aftercare (consisting of the Pureology Fulfyll Shampoo, Conditioner and Densifying Spray) later on, so I’d likely recommend this for those who have coloured tresses that need a quick revival, and who do not have much time to spare for a hair treatment.



Schwarzkopf Fibreplex Treatment @ H Art Salon

I used to colour my hair at least twice a year and sometimes that included bleaching. Then, I made a resolution to stop it all and find out my true, original hair colour—which is dark brown, by the way. I had high hopes for this treatment, which is known to especially treat damaged hair due to bleaching and perming and give your locks the protection it needs before dyeing your hair (not my option at the moment). I went to H Art Salon in SS15 for the treatment. It’s a small hair salon on the second floor with a lot of character—I spotted graffiti art splattered on the walls as I made my way to the entrance. 

My hairstylist, Khai was helpful and gave me an extensive ‘diagnosis’ of my hair’s condition (not doing so good and frizzy). He told me the treatment is meant to enforce and seal the hair fibres that will minimise hair breakage during bleaching and colouring, and ensure long-lasting colour brilliance and shine—which is why their salon usually offers the treatment together with a hair dye job. For me, it’s no loss as it also helps improve hair volume.

The most surprising thing about the treatment is how fast and easy it is. First, they wash your hair, apply the treatment, leave it, and then it’s time to rinse. After that, you stay seated at the hair wash area, head still propped on the basin bowl, and they’ll apply the treatment another time before leaving it for another 10 minutes. Rinsed it off and it was time to blow dry my hair. Possibly one of the fastest treatments out there and the result was evident in the days that followed.

There was a bounce to my bob and my hair no longer looked dull and limp. I’d however recommend it as a pre-colouring/bleaching treatment and not on its own as it didn’t particularly make my hair any smoother. 



L’Oreal Professional Smartbond Treatment @ Toni&Guy Bangsar

Located along Jalan Maarof, Toni&Guy Bangsar was a breeze to locate, and I was able to snag a parking lot right in front of the salon that morning (it was a Tuesday). The salon interior was bright and spacious with a minimalist design—not a bad space at all to spend the next few hours in.

I was here to try out the L’Oreal Professional Smartbond treatment, a three-step treatment that protects hair during and after a colouring process. It works to protect and strengthen bleached and colour-treated hair, leaving it softer, shiny and reinforced.

Since I was trying out the treatment, why not really put it to the test? So I left my hair to the experts, and went for the full cut, bleach and colour do. William Wong, Director of Toni&Guy, gave my hair a quick, fresh shoulder-length cut (which I loved), before resident colourist Zuray took over for the colour and treatment part. The whole session took around six hours, not unusual seeing it involved bleaching and colouring, but I was able to get some work done on my laptop there using their Wi-Fi connection—it was a work day after all.

Having had horrible experience with bleached tresses before (think brittle Barbie doll hair), I was pleasantly surprised to find my new fiery red hair in good condition after the colouring process, proving the treatment’s effectiveness. I also like the fact that Smartbond includes an aftercare treatment—a take-home conditioner that is to be used weekly—which helped keep my hair healthy for weeks to follow. 



Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Aqua Intensive Hair Treatment @ De Casa Studio, Jaya Shopping Centre

Upon entering the studio in Jaya Shopping Centre, I was greeted by their friendly staff and then ushered into this private room which I got to enjoy for the entire session (talk about getting pampered). After a brief introduction by the hairstylists, I was told that the Hair Care Aqua Intensive treatment by Shiseido Professional is targeted for dry and damaged hair, which was perfect for my hair as I have dyed it quite a few times over the years, so you can imagine how dry and coarse it is.

The treatment consists of three steps: Recharge, Hold and Shield. All the steps are to ensure that the loss of water (moisture) in the hair strands are replenished and retained, hence improving my hair texture effectively. The highlight of my treatment was definitely the Caviar Essence that they used on my hair after it was blow dried. The product had an interesting caviar-like texture encased in capsules that needed to be crushed before application.

Both my hairstylists were very friendly and informative as well, introducing all the steps and products that they were going to use prior to applying it onto my hair. The treatment took an hour and a half, and varies depending on hair length. I left the salon feeling as though a burden has been lifted off my shoulders as my hair felt super lightweight. The effect of the treatment lasted more than a week even after multiples washes. I’d definitely recommend this if you are looking for a quick fix to your dry and coarse locks.



Redken Heatcure Treatment @ Curlers & Trimmers 

What I loved about this salon was that it had the advantage of occupying a double-storey shop lot. Guests seated on the upper floor got access to what felt like an exclusive hair-styling enclave. I was also presented with a collection of menus from neighbouring eateries and told that food could be delivered over had I craved for something to munch on while my treatment was working its magic. All that coupled with the salon’s owner Anita reassuring me that my bag would be safe when I left to the hair wash stations because “We’re upstairs!” made the environment quite special.

The Redken Heatcure treatment was the Belle to my hair’s Beast. After years of not experiencing TLC, it had grown dry, coarse and unruly. A specialised formula and tool were designed specifically for the treatment that restores the look and feel of damaged hair. After the treatment was smooth on to my tresses, they were run through a heated device that resembled a straightener.

I was told that this allowed the formula to penetrate deep into the hair’s cortex for intense restoration. It also smoothed the cuticles and locked in results. You know those shampoo commercials where the hair whips back and forth while catching the light? After the treatment, my hair could rival that. My hairstylist was friendly and informative service throughout. From explaining the process and benefits of the product, to checking my preference for water temperature, the hairstylist carried a sweet and cheerful demeanour. Also, most gentle blow-dry ever. 

My shiny and bouncy locks lasted about a week, although it gradually started to lose its lustre towards the end. Heat cure self-heating treatment packs can be purchased and I would definitely recommend getting them as weekly maintenance following a treatment session for easily achievable salon-grade results from home. If you are after smooth, revitalised locks akin to virgin hair, this is the one for you.

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