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Signature Scents: 5 New fragrances we just can’t get enough of in August


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Signature Scents: 5 New fragrances we just can’t get enough of in August

As summer comes to a close, we’re on the lookout for the perfect transitional scent to see us through to autumn. While bright, juicy citruses and lush florals are welcome all year round, we’re after fragrances with a little more edge to suit the upcoming season (not that the actual weather changes around these parts).

From Diptyque’s new fantastical collection to the now-infamous Burberry Beauty fragrance campaign starring Adam Driver, here are our picks for the best new fragrances of the month:


Le Grand Tour Limited Edition

The latest collection by Diptyque revisits and highlights five key cities that have inspired the Maison: Paris, Venice, Milies, Kyoto, and Byblos. Each fragrance in the collection takes you on an olfactory journey through Europe and Asia, whisking you away on an odyssey of the senses.

Take a stroll along the Seine in Paris, breathe in the vegetable gardens of Venice, feel the spray of the sea in Milies, indulge in the rich cultural landscape of Kyoto, or warm yourself with a cup of cardamom coffee from Byblos. The collection offers a unique escape—something much needed in our current climate.

Available at Diptyque Pavilion KL Boutique or here.


Erémia Eau de Parfum

“Scents are fascinating. They evoke memories. They get attached to a certain person or place. Aesop’s new ‘Othertopias’ collection aimed to be neither here nor there. In perfumer Barnabé Fillion’s words in our interview: “This collection is about the study of interstitial space; it is a piece of research on the boundaries between real and imagined.” Out of the three, I selected Erémia because, despite it also being known as “The Wasteland”, Fillion had the image of all the wastelands and urban gardens around the world, which was intriguing but made sense upon that first whiff of the fragrance.

“Waxy florals, earthy undertones, powdery musk and that slight scent of concrete after the rain. Rather than a wasteland, I pictured an abandoned garden in the midst of an apocalypse where the few wildflowers survived the chaos. While most floral scents could be overbearingly sweet, I’d describe it as more ‘earthy’ with Erémia’s notes of galbanum, iris and yuzu. It’s unique, gender-neutral and one I can’t get enough of throughout the day.”— Rachel Au, Editor

SHOP HERE, RM715 50ml

Burberry Beauty

Burberry Hero

Chances are that you’re already familiar with this new fragrance—the campaign for Burberry Hero has taken the internet by storm in recent memory, thanks to ambassador Adam Driver’s… enthusiastic fanbase.


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However, though Driver’s association with the campaign has catapulted the new fragrance into infamy, it is genuinely worth the hype, in our opinion. Burberry Hero is a fresh and bold fragrance that features vibrant juniper, sparkling bergamot, and spicy black pepper. Further, it is deepened with the oils of three kinds of warm cedarwood, each from a different mountain range: the Appalachians, the Atlas Mountains and the Himalayas.

According to the nose behind the scent, Aurélien Guichard, “Burberry Hero represents the duality between strength and sensibility. A scent that represents the timelessness of Burberry and, at the same time, the sense of modernity. A blend of universality and uniqueness. The scent expresses the animality that is inside each man alongside a true humanity.”


Ermenegildo Zegna

Javanese Patchouli Essenze Eau De Parfum

Introducing: The newest Zegna Essenze Eau De Parfum. Created by Perfumer Frank Voelkl of Firmenich, the hand-crafted men’s fragrance explores the potential of its namesake ingredient through six complementing scents.

The fragrance opens with a whiff of Zegna’s exclusive Italian bergamot, blended with spicy pink pepper and aromatic basil leaf. Then, notes of cypriol, vetiver oil, cistus absolute, and leather add a delectably woody warmth to the body of the fragrance. Finally, a gorgeous blend of patchouli, moss, and noble cedarwood rounds the fragrance off. The result is a stunning, earthy fragrance that layers beautifully with the rest of the Zegna Essenze lineup.

Available at the Ermenegildo Zegna store in Pavilion KL, RM 895


Tea Leaves Perfume

“The oolong tea leaf is, in itself, an interesting ingredient. It gets its rich, creamy flavour during a fermentation process in which the leaves are semi-oxidised. The latest perfume launch from L’Erbolario harnesses the indulgent aroma of oolong tea leaves, placing it at its heart. It’s the perfect scent for any tea obsessives!

“Of course, the fragrance blend doesn’t just stop there. The Tea Leaves perfume blends its star ingredient with notes of verbena, water mint, and mate absolute, which bring out the gorgeous aroma of the tea, teasing the senses. I absolutely love how clean it smells, and how long the drydown lasts.”—Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor


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