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Signature Scents: 5 New fragrances for him, her, or them


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Signature Scents: 5 New fragrances for him, her, or them

Citrusy, woody, fruity, or floral—what do you usually gravitate towards? Well, whatever your vice, we can assure you that that one of these new fragrances is bound to excite you. From Sisley’s ode to the night to Chanel’s brand-new all-over body spray, here are our picks for the best new fragrances to cop ASAP:


Bleu De Chanel All-Over Spray

If you loved Chanel’s masculine fragrance icon, Bleu De Chanel, you’ll absolutely adore the scent in this travel-friendly all-over spray. Energising citrus and aromatic accord are blended with sensual amber to guarantee a pleasant olfactory experience for you (and everyone around you) all day, every day.

Less intense and more portable than its predecessor, the Bleu De Chanel All-Over Spray is the perfect companion to the fragrance—apply throughout the day, whether first thing in the morning or following a workout to keep your fragrance fresh and lasting.

Available at Chanel counters from 1st June 2021 or via Chanel’s Home Delivery Service

Jo Malone

English Pear and Freesia 100ml, RM560

If you’d like to be swept away to some of the finest English orchards in the world, Jo Malone’s English Pear and Freesia scent is the fragrance for you. Featuring the namesake ingredients at its top and heart with earthy patchouli at its base, it is a flirty, fruity floral that stands alone as a traditionally feminine scent. Alternatively, it can also be mixed with other fragrances like the brand’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt scent to add a more masculine quality.

While this isn’t a new fragrance per se, it is getting a major makeover in the form of a limited collection come September time. The full collection will include a limited-edition Cologne and Home Candle clad in a fluted glass design, in addition to an extra-large 500ml Body & Hand Wash.

The limited-edition collection will be available in Jo Malone London stores from September onwards. Find the regular bottle here.


Izia La Nuit 100ml, RM980

Inspired by a rose that only blooms in Sisley co-founder Isabelle d’Ornano’s garden once a year, Izia La Nuit is a nocturnal sequel. Like its predecessor, Izia, the new fragrance is modelled after the distinctive scent of this mysterious Izia rose.

Izia rose features proudly at its heart, with top notes of mandarin, juicy blackcurrant, and spicy Cardamom to add colour to the fragrance. The rose is also complemented by mid notes of opulent freesia and magnolia, and grounded by an intoxicating combination of warm vanilla, leathery oakmoss, and soft amber base notes to round off the fragrance.


Louis Vuitton

Men’s Les Parfums: Imagination 200ml, RM1,700

The seventh fragrance by the brand, Imagination, is specifically curated for men, featuring a sunny and woody scent that is a positively refreshing treat for the senses. Calabrian bergamot, orange, and Sicilian cedar add a lightness to the fragrance, notes of amber deepen the scent, and Nigerian ginger and Ceylon cinnamon energise the senses.

That’s not where it ends, however. There is a special ingredient inoculated into the formulation—black tea. Specifically, it’s a rare and precious Chinese black tea, extracted with carbon dioxide, that adds notes of grass, straw, and a slightly smoky quality to the fragrance. Overall, Imagination toes the line between masculinity and elegance perfectly.

Available online and through client services from June 3rd


Eau Rihla, RM1,079

While travelling is still off-limits, there is no need to confine your senses to your home (you should definitely stay home physically though). Rihla, in Arabic, has a dual meaning; both a record of a journey and the journey itself.

Allow Diptyque’s latest fragrance to whisk you away on a journey to the Middle East. Leather is at the heart of this fragrance, velvety and familiar, extracted from a rare Cedar Wood from China. It is cut with iris, which subdues the strong base and adds a softness to the scent. Pink peppercorn, saffron, and vanilla then add a delectable sweetness, while raspberry rounds the perfume off with a fruity burst of energy.

As always, Diptyque fragrances are completely gender-neutral, so you can exude elegance no matter your gender.

Available from 15th June 2021

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