Try the new Clarins range and throw your concealer away

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Try the new Clarins range and throw your concealer away

Whether you religiously hide under umbrellas or stay indoors from sunrise to sunset, there is no escaping the effects of daily external aggressions like UVA, UVB and pollution. In due time, dark spots and uneven skin tone could spell the end of unblemished translucent skin.



Many good things come from hot tropical weather but intense exposure to UV rays is an exception. To keep things simple, with overexposure comes an overproduction of melanin, which then leads to the formation of dark spots.


Instead of resorting to layers of cover-up, take a look at what Clarins is proposing:


Backed by over 60 years in the skincare industry, two decades at the forefront of whitening innovation and access to the largest biological research centre in France, Clarins has encountered a major scientific breakthrough in combating dark spots at three important stages.


First, the appearance of future dark spots has to be nipped at the bud and prevented. Next, those in progress must be kept under control. Finally, stubborn visible dark spots need to be corrected.



Through extensive research, the brains behind the brand have discovered that the extract of the acerola fruit from the tropics of Brazil is extremely effective in targeting the cause of melanin production to eradicate visible and invisible dark spots at all three stages.


Young berries contain the highest levels of an antioxidant called polyphenols that defends plants from UV rays. Clarins harvests the fruit while young and immediately freezes them to preserve and stabilise the active substance. This delivers optimum anti-dark spot action.



Synthesised from the acerola fruit, the Clarins White Plus Pure Translucency range could grant you the translucency and naturally clear skin of your dreams.


The most potent of the lot, the Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum is formulated specifically with Asian women in mind. A small dolloponce in the morning and again at nightpromises a spotless healthy glow courtesy of acerola fruit extract, the essential ingredient; lady’s mantle and sandspurry extract, plus a vitamin C derivative for brightness and even skin; and translucency from the hyaluronic acid complex.

Bolster the benefits with the Brightening Emulsion SPF20/PA+++ that comforts and soothes while mattifying the skin. Use this in the morning after cleansing and pamper yourself with the “Clarins touch”, known by many as that cushion-like, plumped feeling that leaves the skin beautiful and velvety. Also, no complaints with the added UV protection.

At night, battle yellowish dispositions and uneven skin with the Brightening Revive Gel. Apply as a sleeping mask or slather it on as an intensive mask to boost effects. The ultra-sensorial gel embodies a cream-jelly like texture that melts onto the skinperfect for bedtime relaxation.

Proper prep prior to using nourishing skincare products is very important. Be sure to first purify with the Brightening Creamy Mousse Cleanser to remove skin impurities and makeup. Then, prepare the canvas for pampering with the Brightening Aqua Treatment Lotion or the Brightening Milk Treatment Lotion. Don’t neglect your bodyachieve luminous skin all over with the Creamy Brightening Body Veil SPF20/PA++. Finally, seal the deal using the Brightening Powder Foundation SPF15/PA++ that colour corrects and protects with a radiant, velvety-smooth finish.


Take control of your complexion and redeem a three-piece Clarins White Plus sample set that includes the White Plus Pure Translucency Tri-Intensive Serum, Brightening Emulsion SPF20 and Brightening Revive Gel—click here to turn on your glow today.


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