These are the most popular beauty-related Google searches of 2018


By Wei Yeen Loh

These are the most popular beauty-related Google searches of 2018

Let’s face it—Google is likely your best friend when you’re stuck in a rut, looking for answers to questions you don’t know who to ask. Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast or beginner, chances are that you’ve scoured Google for reviews and forums on beauty products and treatments that you’re keen on trying out.

A quick search on Google Trends this past year has revealed some interesting insight on what Malaysians tend to Google about. K-beauty remains a popular beauty topic, with a slew of questions pertaining to makeup and skincare routines ranking high on the list. “Korean makeup tutorial” was one of the top-searched phrases on Google (all the tips you need from a pro here), alongside the 10-step Korean skincare routine that still beckons some curiosity (this is how you can achieve the “glass skin”.)

More people set their sights on skincare than makeup this year, evident with search topics that inclined more towards those with combination skin. “Sunscreen for combination skin” and “cleanser and toner for combination skin” were a few of the more popular Googled terms (SPF essentials here for your perusal), while some were curious about “how to remove blackheads“—no surprises there, the hot and humid weather tends to induce a higher propensity of clogged pores and acne *ugh*. If your skin is awry from holiday indulging, get it back on track with these facial treatments.

People also had a lot of questions regarding the eyes—be it the “best eye cream of 2018“, “how to get rid of dark eye circles?” (our favourites here), and even the currently-trending eyelash lifts that we’ve covered recently in a #TriedandTested. Brands including Fenty Beauty, Chanel, and Dior ranked high up the most-searched list this year, alongside a smattering of generic “best of” questions including “best perfume for women 2018” and “best makeup remover“.

As we bid goodbye to 2018 in a few days, what do you think 2019 will bring to the beauty front? Drop a comment on our Facebook page to let us know your thoughts on trending beauty topics next year!

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