Kosé’s new dynamic duo will do more than protect your skin from the sun

Skin saviours


By Wei Yeen Loh

Kosé’s new dynamic duo will do more than protect your skin from the sun

It’s no surprise that multipurpose skincare products are all the rage these days, from serums that double up as primers to lotions that moisturise and brighten at the same time. Japanese beauty brand Kosé is hopping on that bandwagon too — by offering you a chance to swap your usual sunscreen with three-in-one skincare that can improve your skincare routine in no time.

Introducing the new dynamic duo by Sekkisei, the White UV Gel and White UV Milk. More than meets the eye, these aren’t your everyday suncare products. Armed with benefits such as preventing darks spots/dullness caused by UV rays while moisturising your skin to boot, the White UV Gel and Milk are imbued with Coix Seed Compound, an Oriental herb that’s know for its medicinal and skincare properties. This ingredient is an all-rounder in our beauty books: its extracts prevent roughness and dullness; the water is a strong moisturising agent; while the oil is packed with antioxidants.

If you prefer gel formulas, go for the White UV Gel that leaves a watery, refreshing texture alongside a matte finish — perfect for indoors. But if you are about to head out (or work out), the White UV Milk is your best bet. Apart from protecting your skin from environmental pollutors, this pair works perfectly well as a base to keep your makeup in check all day long as well.



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