Korean makeup artist Pony shares her pro tips on makeup, skincare and beauty techniques


By Wei Yeen Loh

Korean makeup artist Pony shares her pro tips on makeup, skincare and beauty techniques

Got a list of burning questions that you’d like to ask a pro that’s K-beauty related? If part one of our lowdown with popular beauty vlogger and makeup artist Pony didn’t manage to answer all your questions, the below roundup of beauty hacks is what you need to elevate your routine while seeing efficient results.


Application of the basics is key. This ensures that your skin acts as a good canvas for makeup,” says Pony. And we concur. K-beauty prioritises the importance of skincare for a healthy base—which equals effortless makeup application.

  • One of the areas that most people forget to apply serum on is the smile lines—don’t miss out on that area, and make sure to pat it on.
  • The best way to apply ampoules is to soak it in cotton pads (go for the thicker sort that doesn’t leave lint on the skin), and pat it on the skin. Cotton pads allow the product to reach hard-to-get crevices of the face i.e. around the nose and under the eyes.
  • Before applying moisturiser, section your face by area first and layer the moisturiser gently by spreading it out, instead of dabbing it on. Spread it in an upwards motion, especially on the forehead and cheeks.


“Always use your ring finger to apply makeup as it is the most gentle on your skin,” says Pony. But don’t forget the number one tip before getting your fingers all up in your face—thoroughly wash your hands first!

  • When using cushion compact, pat the cushion puff on the face by sections (forehead, cheeks, chin), then blend it out with tapping motions. “If you spread it in a swiping motion, you might just swipe away the product!”
  • Avoid applying excessive foundation around the eyes, nose and lips area. “Foundation is made to even out the skin tone, not to cover it up. At the very most, it serves to conceal your skin’s imperfections.”
  • Use a brush with a bigger and wider head when applying concealer as it helps to cover a wider area—and will prove to be convenient when you’re strapped for time.
  • Aside from dark spots and undereye circles, don’t forget to apply concealer around the eyelids, the nose area (to conceal the blood vessels) and the lip area.
  • Apply powder on areas where smudge lines often appear, or on more oily parts of the face. Once again, do not swipe the brush over the face, but lightly roll and pat the powder brush on said areas in very gentle strokes.


  • Brush the eyebrows in the direction of natural growth before filling it in. Draw the outline, then use a smudge tip to pick up a small amount of product. Fill in the sparse areas on the inner corners of the brows and use the bristled end to brush it out.
  • While applying a darker eyeshadow colour on the crease of the eyelids, gently tap the product on the lids with an eyeshadow brush, instead of swiping the colour on. The swiping motion might spread the pigment allover, resulting in a messier, unintended finish.
  • For a more nuanced look, apply a darker eyeshadow colour from the inner and outer corners of the eyelids, then extend it to the lower corner of the eyes. Blend well to prevent harsh lines.
  • Following the above-mentioned tip, choose a lighter eyeshadow hue (even in a shimmer/glitter finish if you prefer) to apply on the middle of the eyelids for a youthful look.
  • Tightline the lash line in a zigzag motion instead of drawing a thick line at one go. Look straight at the mirror while applying eyeliner to ensure both eyes are symmetrical—avoid applying eyeliner from a lower or higher angle. However, you can keep your gaze downwards while extending a cat flick.
  • Apply mascara on the lower lashes via the tip of the mascara in a vertical motion to prevent clumping and smudging along the lash line.


  • Apply lip balm before you start on your base makeup to hydrate lips. Remove it right before you’re about to apply your lip colour.
  • For a just-bitten lip look, apply lipstick on the lips then use an eyeshadow brush to gently smudge the corners of the lips.

Image: Pony Makeup

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