Three girls share how they inspire their senses for fresh beginnings

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By Gwen Ong

Three girls share how they inspire their senses for fresh beginnings

For the modern day women, life is as exciting as it can be. You face challenges head on while balancing career and family with a heavy social calendar that sees you on the go from day to night. Your days are full and demanding but you take pleasure in the intricacy of life. It’s a sensorial experience that is worth the journey.

It’s a blissful feeling that resonates closely with Emily Lim, Nadia Heng and Anni Tai, whose life is brimming with various wonderful moments as an actress, emcee and embroidery artist. Each day brings about different ways to inspire the senses that help them to respond with a youthful energy. Here, they share what being alive is all about.



On a typical day in their life

“I’m usually awake by 5am when I’m filming and I’ll be on set till evening. I enjoy the process of getting into character even though filming can be pretty hectic. The first thing that I like to do when I get home is to remove all my makeup and take a shower. Then I’ll unwind with a cup of chamomile tea and prepare for my shoot the following day. On non-working days, I like to take a little time out for myself with a good workout whether it’s kickboxing, rock climbing or yoga,” – Emily


“I typically start my day with my skincare regime and then I hit the gym. After a shower, I’ll usually take a time to have breakfast at the balcony and savour the moment. Then I dive straight into work, be it replying emails, reading scripts or heading to meetings. With the nature of my job as a host and emcee, I often work long, erratic hours. By the time I get home, I just like to unwind by lighting some scented candles and relaxing to jazz music to calm my mind,” – Nadia


“I like to work with my hands, it’s a feeling that is very satisfying to me. So my day is about creating something beautiful with my hands. I first look at some floral bouquets for inspiration and study its shapes. Then I sketch out an embroidery pattern and choose the colours. This is the hardest part as it can make or break the artwork. But it is also my favourite as the final result is really pretty. At the end of a long day, I turn to art as a way to de-stress and get inspired again,” – Anni

On staying inspired with their current lifestyle

“I like to surround myself with positive people and also friends and family who loves me. I feel it’s important to spend time around good energy. When I need to recharge, I go outdoors and do a bit of yoga to realign my senses,” – Emily


“To stay motivated, I like to work up a good sweat. This always lifts up my spirit without fail. I indulge in a little me-time when I can to help me find my balance, much like a soundbath experience, which is a real treat to my senses,” – Nadia


“I’ve always been a crafty person, even when I was a kid. I’m happiest when I get to create things that I love. So my inspiration comes from everything that I see, my senses seem to come alive with embroidery art,” – Anni


On their skincare routine

“I think the key to good skin is to stay hydrated and maintain proper cleansing. I usually double cleanse if I have makeup on. To restore balance, a hydrating mask is my favourite followed by a good moisturiser after that. I like Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturising Gel Cream’s lightweight texture that gives my skin proper hydration without any greasy or sticky feel,” – Emily


“I always follow this rule – never sleep with makeup on. And I always make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and evening to keep my skin healthy and happy. With Shiseido Essential Energy, it is a refreshing break from the norm. I particularly like how the moisturising gel cream feels in my hands – from its texture to the simple packaging inspired by Japanese tea bowl ,” – Nadia


“I truly believe that using the right skincare is important. I’m now using the Shiseido Esssential Energy range and it has helped my skin stay hydrated and smooth from day to night. On days that I want to relax, I massage my face and pamper it with a hydrating serum. Once I know I’ve found the right products for me, my confidence soar. My skin feels rejuvenated and healthier,” – Anni

Shiseido Essential Energy is a skincare range consisting of a cream, gel-cream and day emulsion that is inspired by neuroscience. It supports the skin’s responsive power so it reacts, detects and adapts to visible changes to help you look your best. Read more on the range here. Available now at Shiseido counters nationwide. 


Videography: Shepherd Pictures 
Coordination: Gwen Ong & Angel Yau
Styling: Cai Mei Khoo 
Art Direction: Yi Suen Chong 
Hair: Juno Ko 
Makeup: Shiyo Joo
Locations: Whimsical Gellateria & Caffe, Be Urban Wellness and OhanaJo Studio. 

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