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8 High-tech beauty devices to elevate your hair and skincare game


By Kelly Lim

8 High-tech beauty devices to elevate your hair and skincare game

Remember the Chanel-branded view-finder box in The Fifth Element that grants instant eye makeup upon application?

While AR beauty filters may first come to mind to resemble the futuristic tool in real life, the future is nearer than you think. Though custom-formulated makeup is still on the way ( L’Oréal has developed an at-home cosmetics and skincare system set to launch next year), a growing generation of (ever-improving) smart facial devices full of multifunctional innovations is taking over the beauty world.

Whether it’s toning, cleansing or fighting blemishes and acne, these gadgets offer hyper-personalised, high-tech treatments that will offer you immediate solutions for healthier skin and hair—and save you a trip to the professionals.

As contactless interactions continue to be prioritised during the new normal, what better time to upgrade your at-home beauty routine and maximise the impact of your daily self-care by joining the cutting-edge revolution? Scroll on to bring your wellness game to the future:

Foreo UFO 2

Face mask lovers, this one’s for you. Effective for all complexions and accessible to everyone, Foreo’s bite-sized UFO 2 condenses a 20-minute treatment to leave your face glowing in less than two minutes.

Compatible with a veritable smorgasbord of mini circular sheet masks, the latest generation of its hydro-masking gadget enhances its signature T-sonic pulsations with heating and cooling functions to help relax facial tension, trigger detoxification and boost the skin’s absorbency, allowing serums and ingredients in the mask to penetrate more deeply. The UFO 2 also comes with upgraded LED functions that include eight different light therapy colours ranging from collagen-boosting red and skin-brightening green to sunburn-soothing orange and anti-inflammatory cyan.

Use it with the accompanying smartphone app that comes preloaded with guided routines to help you tackle your skin concerns—and even locate it when it goes missing.

Shop here at RM1,316

NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

NuFace’s two-pronged microcurrent massager stimulates facial muscles and improves facial contour in just 20 minutes, boosting your brows, cheeks and jawline with instant elevation by toning and firming the skin. Effortlessly easy to use, the ingenious handheld device emits low-voltage currents that mirror your body’s own to stimulate collagen and elastin production while offering overall repair of the skin.

Also available in petite sizes for those constantly on the go, it comes with a leave-on gel primer and adjustable pressure intensity to give you a non-invasive facelift that will leave you with radiant, youthful skin.

Shop here at RM1,393

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

Inspired by Dr Dennis Gross’s in-office lasers, this universal-fit mask uses light technology by combining powerful anti-acne blue light with four spectra of red to smooth wrinkles, firm skin and diminish discolouration for a beautiful, youthful-looking complexion. Taking only three minutes to work its magic, the futuristic FDA-cleared faceware is also hands-free, allowing you to get your chores done or binge on a Netflix marathon while your skin gets the TLC it deserves.

Shop here at RM 1,843

Dermaflash Dermapore Ultrasonic Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser

To save you a trip to the dermatologist (or rid you of days spent squeezing those pores in front of a magnifying mirror, which you’re not supposed to do anyways because it ruins your skin), Dermaflash has created a revolutionary device that takes the art of pore purging to new and safe heights.

The techy ultrasonic tool helps to work some seriously deep cleaning by removing impurities from deep within your pores through the use of its steadily vibrating wand and inflammation-reducing white light. Once the extraction process is over, turn it over and activate infuse mode to help your moisturisers and serums sink in better.

Shop here at RM471

Clarisonic Mia Smart

The ultimate skin-cleansing tool, the Clarisonic Mia Smart will upgrade your face-washing to the next level and more. Its gentle oscillating motions help to exfoliate your skin and remove every inch of makeup, oil and dead skin on your face, alongside functions that will help quickly de-puff your under-eyes, give a facial firming massage and even buff on your foundation.

Additionally, the advanced tool syncs up data to your phone so you can track how your skin responds to customised skincare routines, tracking your journey to a more radiant and clearer complexion.

Shop here at RM724

Teresa Tarmey Cryo-Ball Cryotherapy Kit

To help fight redness and reduce inflammation, facialist Teresa Tarmey’s Cryo-Ball will deliver you with an instant ice therapy session that will jolt out all the puffiness in you. This surgical-grade steel ball has to be frozen for at least 24 hours before use in order for its unique, cryo-microcirculation effect to sculpt the face and rejuvenate dull complexions. It also comes with freeze-retaining fluids that include an exfoliating lactic acid toner and hyaluronic acid gel to help plump the skin with moisture and offer an instantaneous glow.

Shop here at RM894 

Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer

To unlock cleaner skin, an at-home facial steamer is a good way to soften and open your pores as well as hydrate your skin while stimulating circulation to allow better absorption of masks, serums and moisturisers.

This therapeutic system uses an ion generator to help the steam penetrate more deeply into your pores, in order to release any impurities and dead skin cells that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed with a clearer complexion. To de-stress, add your favourite essential oil for a mini aromatherapy session and some guaranteed soothing me-time.

Shop here at RM240

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision

Liberating you from the pains of hair removal, Tria’s travel-friendly, battery-operated device targets your roots by working on the hair under the surface of your skin with diode laser technology to disable hair follicles and leave you with smooth, stubble-free skin.

Thanks to its compact size, the multi-award-winning, FDA-approved device is ideal for targeting specific, harder-to-reach areas such as those under the arms, the upper lip and between the eyebrows, promising 70 per cent reduction in hair after three months of regular use.

Shop here at RM1,243

Ghd Glide Hot Brush

Hailed as the brush that broke the internet, Ghd’s hot brush was an instant success when it first came out for its instantaneous hair taming and smoothening feature. Using a controlled temperature of 185 degrees Celsius (apparently optimum for styling hair) with high density short and long bristles, the tool eliminates frizz without damage in just a few strokes to leave you with healthy-looking, salon-smooth locks to get you ready for the day.

Shop here at RM735

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