Here’s a non-invasive, anti-ageing facial for younger looking skin

Age is but a number


By Cai Mei Khoo

Here’s a non-invasive, anti-ageing facial for younger looking skin

It’s undeniable that Korean beauty trends and rituals are an increasing influence in our skin care regimes. An editor once told me she has 10 steps in her beauty routine, both in the morning, and before she sleeps, and even kindly texted me a list of products to add to my current (measly) 4-step beauty regime, which, yes, includes a jelly-type serum.


Given my seemingly lack of care, a monthly facial is a must in order to keep my skin in tip-top condition. If there’s one thing I’m concerned about, it’s fine lines, and I’m more inclined to non-invasive treatments. Enter AsterSpring’s Total Anti-Ageing Therapy that incorporates LPG Endermologie. Endermologie, or the mechanical stimulation of cells, aims to reactivate cells to fight against wrinkles and sagging skin. The technology has also been scientifically proven to boost hyaluronic acid synthesis by 80%, and improve collagen production.


The treatment starts off like a regular facial, with the therapist cleansing and prepping the skin for exfoliation and extraction, which is then followed by use of the LPG Endermologie machine. The machine exerts micro-pulsations on the surface of the skin, which feels like a firm facial massage. A mask is then applied over the face, while the therapist proceeds with a relaxing shoulder massage. One key product used during the facial is the Power Oxygen Essence, which contains Thiotaine to help fuel and recharge skin cell energy and promote healthier looking skin.


Post-facial, my skin was well hydrated, looked brighter and seemed firmer. I was recommended some Dermalogica products to enhance my skin health, and boost my current skincare routine. Suffice to say, I left with skin dewy enough to rival the next K-pop star.


The AsterSpring Total Anti-Ageing Therapy lasts 70 minutes and is available at all AsterSpring outlets. The facial costs RM528 at AsterSpring standard outlets, and RM570 at AsterSpring Signature outlets. For more information, please click here


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