Glitter me fancy: The latest trend to cover up your roots

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Glitter me fancy: The latest trend to cover up your roots

In all honesty, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest hair trends that were made for festival-traipsing young ‘uns of the world (such as metallic hair tattoos). But then again, some of these provide to be very useful for us during the coming festive season. And in this case, hair glitter roots might be your best bet to sporting a colour-bombed, glitter-filled beauty look for your NYE party. 

Yes, you probably guessed it right—sprinkling a generous amount of glitter to cover up one’s roots seem to be the trendiest way to go nowadays. Why spend all that time and money in a hair salon for root touch-ups when you can DIY at home with colourful glitter dust? We spotted a #glitterroots craze on Instagram as of late, and it’s pretty easy to achieve this look as well: Mix larger-sized glitter (such as decorative shapes instead of finer glitter as that might hurt your scalp) with hair gel and use an old brush to apply it to parted hair. Use your fingers to spread the glitter evenly if needed—et voilà! A fun, colour-loving hairdo for your Friday nights out painting the town red.


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