#HairTrend: Playing dress-up

One crowning glory, three chic ways

#HairTrend: Playing dress-up
Malaysian hair extraordinaire and founder of Hair Menu, David Shaw says it’s all in the details when it comes to new-season hair (think cleverly placed accessories on easy 'dos)

Good news is, hair accessories have become a lot less precious, which makes hair styling easier and less fussy - not to mention a lot prettier too. We've got our eyes (and heart) set on subtle picks that breathe new life into a messy updo or a simple ponytail, making a much welcomed 'less is more' statement. Here, an edit of Shaw's top three looks and how you can ace them:


#HairTrend: Playing dress-up (фото 1)

 "We've seen all sorts of headbands on the runway recently and it's a trend that's likely to stay for a while. I like pairing glamorous headbands with messy updos. Tease the hair at the crown, and twist it into a chignon. Sweep a few loose pieces to the side to create side bangs, and place the headband right at the hairline to complete a wood-nymph-inspired look."

Jewelled clips and barrettes  

#HairTrend: Playing dress-up (фото 2)

"It's almost like pinning brooches to the hair, which instantly adds a whole lot of sparkle to an otherwise classic look. Embellished pieces elevate and lift the simplest 'do, and beautifully catches the light. Keep the hair loop to the side or tucked into buns or ponytails."

Bobby pins

#HairTrend: Playing dress-up (фото 3)

"Celebs wear these all the time - they're practical, fun and youthful. Part your hair to one side, and secure a two-inch section of hair just off the opposite side with bobby pins. You can also use a hair texturiser to add frizz or messiness to the look for a sexier (not preppy) touch."

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