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5 Easy hair hacks to keep your face mask from digging into your ears


By Redzhanna Jazmin

5 Easy hair hacks to keep your face mask from digging into your ears

Just a quick reminder in case anyone has forgotten: The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing. The RMCO has been extended till 31 December, which means that SOPs are still in place for the foreseeable future, and (by extension) that means our masks are staying put.

Now, this isn’t exactly terrible news—wearing a mask while being able to pretty much do whatever (dine, whine, chill, or grill—you’ve got it) is a much better compromise than being in lockdown again. That said, face masks aren’t always the most comfortable to wear.

When worn for too long, they cause congested skin which leads to maskne (mask-induced acne), they start to smell (please wash your masks) and overall cause a lot of discomfort around the ears (those straps really dig, don’t they?).

With regards to the maskne and the general hygiene, we’ve exhausted all tips. However, what we haven’t covered are all the different ways you can wear a mask to keep it comfortable and effective.

We scoured the depths of social media for the best mask hacks we could find, and trust us when we say that the results are great. Whether you’re struggling to get your mask to stay put with your glasses, or you’re simply trying to find a way to make it work with your hijab, there’s a hack for you:

Mask hack #1: Statement clip

This little hack is the perfect way to jazz up your hairdo and keep your ears in the clear all-in-one. Use an easy clip with a snazzy logo like this Off-White hair accessory, or add some bling to your mane with Gucci’s hair slide.

Mask hack #2: The bandana


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Here, US-based hairstylist Emily Grangaard runs us through three easy ways to get our masks off our ears and style our hair at the same time. From a look that prevents your mask from sliding everywhere to a look that keeps your mask out of your eyes, this tutorial is a hit for us!

PS: She also gives us a useful tip on incorporating some staple ’00s space buns into our mask routine.

Mask hack #3: Perfectly-fitted strategic knots

If you find that your mask is way too big (rubbing your skin the wrong way every time you move your face, fogging up your glasses so you’re rendered blind half the time—you know what we’re talking about), then this is the perfect hack for you.

Not only does your mask now fit better, it also directs your breath out the sides of your mask rather than up the top. You know what that means? No more foggy glasses!

Mask hack #4: The headbander

This mask hack is relatively simple to replicate with things you already own—all you need is a funky headband, a needle and thread, and some buttons! Also, perfect for second-hair days when you don’t have time for a thorough hair wash in the AM.

As for you responsible hijabis out there, don’t think for a second that we’ve forgotten about you! You’ve probably already figured out a few ways around the mask conundrum by now, but here are some ideas you may not have thought of yet:

Mask hack #5: DIY no-sew scarf mask


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This incredible tutorial by Nic in collaboration with Culture Hijab runs us through three easy hijab-friendly mask styles. The best part? They’re completely no-sew!

Mask Hack #6: DIY mask-extender

If you’re not comfortable with just using a cloth as a mask (also, need we mention that it isn’t the most effective protective barrier?), you could try making or buying a mask extender. It’s essentially a piece of fabric with two buttons on either end that you can hook your mask straps around.

Mask Hack #7: Use everyday objects

Alternatively, if you’d rather just skip the frills, here are some super-easy hijab mask hacks using everyday items such as hairbands and safety pins.

For more hair hacks, click here.

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