Dull, stressed skin? Caudalie VineActiv is here for the rescue

Glow-getting skincare


By Su Fen Tan

Dull, stressed skin? Caudalie VineActiv is here for the rescue

Made to combat some of the most relevant concerns of today—dull, fatigued skin from burnout and pollution, anyone?—Caudalie’s new VineActiv range is powered by anti-pollution technology, looking to help the woman on the go to amp up skin defence and maintain a healthy glow.  


The key to activate your skin’s natural glow? Caudalie’s newest patented formula, the Anti-Cell Burnout Complex, an innovative protection system that unlocks natural cellular antioxidant defense production and protects skin against oxidative stress. 

Stop time. Activate glow.

“Many of us feel overwhelmed by a pace of life that never stops and an urban environment that is often over-polluted,” says Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie. “In order for the skin to weather this whirlwind of a life without losing its healthy glow or developing a single wrinkle, I created Vine[Activ], a range of four smart products that strengthen the skin’s capacity for self-defence against external aggressions, every single day.”


Get to know the Caudalie VineActiv range here:

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