The best beauty trends of 2018 that we actually love


By Wei Yeen Loh

The best beauty trends of 2018 that we actually love

2018 wasn’t just about holographic highlighters and the comeback of lip gloss. Before we predict the biggest beauty trends that will hit us come 2019, here’s a look back at all the ones we loved from the past year.

Monochromatic makeup


This trend is a lifesaver when you can’t figure out what shade to work with for either your lip or eyelids. The beauty with the monochromatic makeup look is that you can actually coordinate your eyeshadow, lip and cheek colour, and even outfit in the same hue to make a bold statement. Margaret Zhang here proves us right with this stunning look. The best part? You can use your favourite multi-purpose makeup products on your features to nail this trend.


Glitter everything


Okay so glitter may have had its moment since 2016, but we can’t fault this sparkly trend from taking over our palettes and lippies for good reason. 2018 brought out the best of this trend, with makeup brands rolilng out glittery eyeshadows, lip colours and even nail polish that called out to our inner ’90s kids. Even GlamGlow jumped on that beauty-wagon with a glitter face mask that was more of an #InstaBait than a proper skincare treatment.


Conscious beauty movements


With a multitude of fashion brands going sustainable (and fur-free, for some), beauty brands are going down the same path with green initiatives that are worth supporting. Going sustainable now extends to the way brands manufacture, produce and formulate their products—brands such as Kora Organics (founded by Miranda Kerr) is certified-organic, cruelty-free and uses natural ingredients only, while local bath and body care label Wunderbath‘s formulations are toxic-free and cruelty-free as well.


Face rollers


This centuries-old beauty tool has proven to be an ironic antithesis to the growing acceptance of plastic surgery. Typically made of jade, the facial roller is likely this year’s most popular essential for a relaxing beauty ritual—one that celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Alicia Keys are include in their beauty routines. Check out seven options you can score for yourself here.


Pastel hair


As far as celebrity hair transformations go, pastel-streaked tresses seem to be the most-talked-about hairdo of this year, whether it was Ariana Grande’s lavender locks or Kylie Jenner’s baby pink hair. Fun fact: lilac hair is set on becoming 2019’s most popular hair colour, with Pinterest searches for those terms up to 1077% recently. Our advice? Don a wig if you can’t bring yourself to bleach your entire head—it’s more worth it that way.


Negative space nails


Over at the nail art scene, digits took on a minimalist route with negative-space designs reaching peak popularity this year. Going au naturel seems to be a trend, with the natural, uncoloured nail incorporated into the overall nail art design via geometric motifs, coloured strips, metallic/chrome washes and more.


Baby bangs


While the jury is still out on this hair trend, we can attest to its magical properties i.e. it totally helps with a receding hairline or prominent forehead. Celebrities were sporting this choppy look since early 2018, and if Bella Hadid and Sofia Boutella’s edgy forehead-grazers were anything to go by, let’s just say that this micro hairdo might just be our absolute favourite bang trend in a while.

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