Go crazy with 90 possible shades from Laneige’s latest lipstick range



By Alyssa Lee

Go crazy with 90 possible shades from Laneige’s latest lipstick range

Scratch that.

Count the number of colours you have; we know a way to triple it.

Before we get into the game-changing products, here is what you need to know: From rosy nudes to deep clarets and every scarlet shade in between, Laneige’s all-new Silk Intense Lipstick delivers a 30-hue strong spectrum that is bound to satisfy the wants and needs of every beauty junkie; whether novice or certifiable pro.


Hardly a beginner in the game themselves, the Silk Intense lipsticks have built quite the iconic status within the industry since their debut in 2012. After five years of great success, leaps in technological innovation, and following a couple of cameos alongside Laneige’s brand ambassador and indisputable K-drama queen, Song Hye-Kyo in ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’, the range has gotten a full revamp just in time for Spring 2017. The formulation we have known and loved is only elevated for better payoff without compromise on a silky smooth application. Intense colours will wear all day long while remaining supple on the lips.


The wide reach of the Korean beauty brand has furnished them with essential insight on the colour preferences of women of different countries, especially in Asia. As explained by Claire Jin, Senior Vice President of Laneige, although a classic red is loved by all, other colour groups along the spectrum tend to obtain varying response in different regions.


For instance, Korean women tend to gravitate towards corals and pastel pinks, but Malaysians have shown an inclination towards natural tones and tawny browns. Thus enters the extensive range—the vivid palette encompasses a lineup of options under every colour group: reds, oranges, corals, pinks, browns, and purples.

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But scroll through the shades above and you may be surprised to find two that do not quite fit the theme. An ‘Exotic Yellow’ and a ‘Forest Fantasy’—which is basically a cool grey—breaks conventional K-beauty stereotypes but for more reason than sensationalism. They actually serve as colour mixers.



As illustrated, layer them over any shade for a colour switch-up. The yellow functions as a brightener that lifts the existing shade; in this case, red becomes a deep coral. To tone a colour down, apply the grey. Not feeling the brilliant red, turn it into a muted wine shade that captivates in quiet sophistication. One colour, three ways.


Experiment with these two and the possibilities are endless.


Laneige Silk Intense Lipsticks are available at Laneige counters at various locations from March 2017 onwards. Discover more at

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