6 Celebrity hairstyles to rock for the rest of the year


By Gwen Ong

6 Celebrity hairstyles to rock for the rest of the year


Resolutions are usually made in the beginning of the year but who’s to say you can’t make one right now? It’s never too late to work on your ‘new year, new you’ mantra – we believe there’s never a right time, it’s just a matter of realisation and determination. So, in a resolute belief that life is too short to play it safe, we say give yourself a hair makeover and rock it proud. We stalk follow these celebrity hairstylists to see what cut, crop and coiffure that the stars are sporting these days, so you too can follow suit.


Bangs and bobs


This year, we’re seeing lots of fringe play mixed with the classic bob—it’s an instant refresh and shaves years off your face. Ask for a 90s sci-fi inspired cut with short, baby bangs that end just right above the eyebrows and slightly longer at the temple for a seamless flow.


Rose gold


This particular hue has been in trend for the last few months and we can understand why—it’s rebellious but in an understated way. Take your pick from a full on rosey rinse to metallic balayage or go subtle with sunset tips and ombre fades ala Hailey Baldwin.


Layered and blunt


The bob will always have a place in the hairstylist’s handbook; you can level it up with some layers and textures to look extra stylish. Make a précised parting for a sophisticated finish or create loose waves for a fun, casual look. Need more tips? Your creativity starts here


60s Bardot


The playful mod era gets a comeback this year – try this for a face-framing look with soft layering that won’t require much commitment or effort. To add body and fullness to the mid-length cut, spritz on volumising spray to the roots and shake it up.


Grown out pixie


Flip to the side, angle to the back or sweep it forward – the possibilities are endless with this minimalist hairstyle that offers great freedom and versatility. Just ask for a textured pixie with longer wisps on top at the hairdressers. 


Chin swept


With a long tail on the side and a sleek tuck on the other, the chin length bob can be a sexy hairstyle if you’re looking to turn up the heat and work any red carpet. Style your hair with a pomade to hold flyaway in a place and maintain a polished appearance.


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