5 cool ways to rock your short hair like a star

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By Gwen Ong

5 cool ways to rock your short hair like a star

Curl them up

Start by combing your hair forward to the front. Then using a 1-inch curler, curl your hair section by section from the back moving forward to the direction of your face. When you get to your bangs, curl towards the back of your head. Spritz some hairspray to hold the curl and volume.

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Braid and bun

First look – grab three sections of hair in the front and braid the bang up till halfway. Loosen the strands to create a messy look and then pin the ends. Second look – take a section of your bang and tie it up in a bun for days you can’t be asked. Catch the full tutorial here.

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Messy mohawk

Grab a section of your hair and pin it up, spray down with a hairspray for better hold. Then grab a section of hair from the side of your head, twist and pin over to the other side. Repeat for each side until you get to the back, using the hairspray as you go along.

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Volume up

Rub a dollop of heat protection cream onto your hair before styling. Starting with the back, use a curling iron to curl hair in an inward motion until your whole head is done. Style your updo with a hair wax to the desired voluminous look and use a texturizing spray for better hold.



Sleek back

For formal evening events, go for the pared down look. Start off with a prep spray to protect your hair and then a salt spray to the roots for a bit of lift. Then style the hair with mousse pomade focussing especially on the side to hold the strands in. Next, blowdry but keep the top slightly damp.  Watch the full tutorial here.

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