REVIEW: Start your new year off on the right foot at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

REVIEW: Start your new year off on the right foot at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

To usher in a year of wellness this 2024, Beauty Editor Red and Culture Writer Marissa headed to The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental for a day of pampering.

When it comes to new beginnings, it’s important to put yourself in the right mindset. So, this 2024, Team BURO is welcoming a new year of improvement, starting with our wellness. That’s why we’re rethinking our daily habits, finding new ways to stay active and, of course, setting aside time for some self-care. And, of course, the best way to do that is with a trip to The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental for a luxurious pampering session. Ahead, find out which treatments we did and how they were:


Treatment 1: Deep Sleep Massage and Flash Facial

“This 2024, I’m manifesting better health and less stress, so what better way is there to start on that trajectory than with a day of pampering? For my day of indulgence, I headed to The Spa at Mandarin Oriental for the Time Rituals treatment—a two- to three-hour customisable service that covers a range of treatments to choose from.

“After a quick consultation with my therapist, I settled on the Deep Sleep Massage and the flash facial treatment for the day. For context, 2023 was a year of poor sleeping habits and bad breakouts as a result of said habits. So, to start the new year, I was looking to undo some of the self-inflicted damage on my psyche and skin (or at least try to).

“And so, I headed into the plush treatment room. The treatment started with a relaxing foot bath, during which I chose my oil of the day and filled my therapist in on my current skin condition. From there, she walked me through the flow of my treatments based on her recommendations. Once I was all caught up, it was onto two straight hours of pure relaxation.

“The massage was fantastic. I prefer very firm pressure and my therapist definitely delivered on that front. The massage lasted for around an hour and 15 minutes, during which I was ebbing in and out of consciousness—that’s how relaxing it was! By the time it was over, I was ready for bed… so, mission accomplished! Better yet, unlike some others I’ve tried, the face cradle on the massage bed was super plush and comfortable to lay face-down on.

“The facial involved a slew of nourishing and hydrating products alongside a delightful facial massage. I like the convenience of the service—in just 45 minutes, my skin was revitalised. That said, it should be noted that this flash facial does not include extraction, so if you’re prone to breakouts that you’re hoping to purge, you might be better off elsewhere. That said, if you’re looking for a quick, glowy boost for your complexion, I’d definitely recommend the service!” — Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor


Treatment 2: Urut Melayu and Foot Scrub

As my job requires me to work on my laptop for long hours, I’ve definitely felt I was long overdue for a deep tissue massage (my last one was well over a year ago…) due to the stiffness in my neck and shoulders. And so, with my tense muscles and a slightly worrying hunch back, I made my way to Mandarin Oriental’s luxury spa for my much-needed me-time. 

“Upon entering, the staff greeted me warmly and directed me into a relaxing waiting room, where I was served a hot glass of lemongrass tea. As a first-timer, I was given a form to fill out details such as my skin type, what my worry areas were and what I hoped to achieve by the end of the session. After telling my masseuse that I was looking for something calming and de-stressing, I was recommended the Urut Melayu body massage with an additional foot scrub for my dry skin. 

“The two-hour session started with the relaxing foot scrub using a homemade blend of nurturing ingredients that exfoliated my dry skin and left my feet feeling smooth to the touch. The foot scrub and light massage lasted about 20 minutes. Then, I was given several aromatherapy oils to choose from and I settled for the jasmine-scented oil for my Urut Melayu massage due to its sweet fragrance and smooth glide. 

“As someone who has a low pain tolerance, I told my masseuse to go light-handed. She adjusted the pressure of my massage to my liking whilst also applying just the right amount of force on particularly stiff zones such as my shoulders, neck and lower back. I also appreciated that she constantly checked in with me to see if I was comfortable (which I most definitely was). 

“All in all, I felt that my needs were met and that I was well taken care of during the session. If you’re someone like me who is sensitive to pressure and is worried about walking out all sore from a massage, you won’t have to worry about that here! I highly recommend the Urut Melayu massage for anyone looking to achieve muscle relaxation as well as the body scrub for those with dry skin. You’ll come out feeling smooth, supple and extra light on your feet!” — Marissa Chin, Lifestyle and Culture Writer


The Spa at Mandarin Oriental is open daily from 10am – 9pm. Click here to make a booking. For more body and wellness reads, click here.

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