Picking up red: Your night time latte

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By Buro247

Picking up red: Your night time latte

Red tea latte is made with rooibos tea, which is also referred to as red tea. Known for it’s wonderful taste and unique color, this tea that originated from South African regions also contains a myriad of health and beauty benefits. Here are 4 of our favourite reasons why you should opt for red instead.


1. Sleep better at night

One of the best benefits of this tea is the fact that not only does it help you sleep better at night, but it also improves your stress levels, mood, and heart health. As it is it caffeine free, this tea also safe for pregnant women and children. This tea is also recommended for insomniacs because of it calming effects.


2. Gives you healthy hair

Amongst the minerals that are required for hair growth are zinc, calcium, copper and pottasium, all of which are available in rooibos tea. Regularly consuming this red tea may help your hair to grow healthy and strong because it strengthens hair fibres and increases hair growth. This might help prevent hair loss and promote shiny, soft hair that is protected against sun damage. 


3. Does wonders for your skin

Rooibos tea contains alpha hydroxy acid and zinc, nutrients does wonders to the skin and helps relieve skin problems. Alpha hydroxy acids are usually found in luxurious cosmetic products as it assists in reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles. Zinc is a nutrient that builds the structure of cell membranes which heals wounds, protects your skin against UV rays, and best of all, reduces acne. 


4. Natural remedy for a stomach-related ailments

 Like most herbal teas, this tea contains antispasmodic agents that can ease severe stomach cramps and abdominal pains. This tea is also aids in digestion and is used as a natural remedy for irritable bowel syndrome as it reduces abdominal spasms.

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