Healthy snacking: Vegetable chips

Crispy delights


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Healthy snacking: Vegetable chips

Crispy with a hint of sweetness, vegetable chips are a healthy alternative to starchy and high in sodium potato chips. Preparing vegetable chips at home are so easy and the best part is, you’re in full control of what goes into making them, ensuring that the flavours suit your palate and your health requirements. All you need is some olive oil, sea salt, and your favourite herbs and spices for that extra punch in flavour. 


To make the perfect batch of vegetable chips, preheat your oven while you line your baking tray with parchment paper and place your thinly sliced vegetables flat on the surface of the baking tray, making sure that none of the vegetable pieces touch (this is important so that all of your chips are evenly cooked and crispy). After your vegetables are evenly lined, sprinkle a small amount of olive oil, sea salt, and (optional) herbs and spices onto them before you place them into the oven. Halfway through the cooking time, turn your tray once so ensure even cooking. 


These steps can be applied to any vegetable chips to produce the same delightful results. Listed below are four of our favourite vegetable chips and their cooking temperature and durations. Happy snacking!


1. Sweet Potato

Temperature: 120 degrees Celcius

Cooking time: 2 hours


2. Kale

Temperature: 175 degrees Celcius

Cooking time: 15 — 20 minutes


*Note: the stems of the kale has to be removed before baking them and for even flavours, make sure the kale leaves are dry and toss the, with sea salt and seasoning before placing them on the baking tray


3. Carrot

Temperature: 175 degrees Celcius

Cooking time: 20 — 30 minutes


4. Cauliflower

Temperature: 110 degrees Celcius

Cooking time: 1 hour


*Note: the cooking time might vary depending on how thinly you slice your cauliflower

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