Get fit together: Try these amazing couple workouts now

Motivate each other


By Rachel Au

Get fit together: Try these amazing couple workouts now

How’s your New Year’s resolution to exercise and get fit coming along? If your motivation has been waning, try working out with a partner—or your S.O. These workouts can benefit you both and one of you can help push the other when either’s spirit begins to grow weak during the exercise (You can do it! Push yourself!). After all, a kiss is always a pretty good reward for each push-up.  


Do it at home


Some of these workout moves can be found on the Nike+ Training Club app so if you would like further instructions or other similar partner workouts, do try out the app as well. Otherwise, you don’t really need much equipment except perhaps a yoga mat and of course, a partner. 


Do it at the park 

Equipped with nothing else but your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband, head over to your park to do these workouts that may be simple but can really break out a sweat. Remember: start slow if you’re only just starting to work out; the more times you do it, the better your perseverance and stamina will be. 


Do it at the beach/playground

A little on the difficult side, these couple workouts are, however, different from the usual burpees and sit-ups, making it a more fun challenge. You won’t have to sign up for a gym membership because who knew that the bars at the playground could be used as gym-like equipment. 


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