Fast fitness: Five 5-minute workouts

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By Su Fen Tan

Fast fitness: Five 5-minute workouts

Looking to get a little workout into your routine but don’t know where to start? Committing to a gym membership takes dedication and may seem intimidating to some, but here is how you can get started in the comfort of your own home: by slipping in quick five-minute workouts into your schedule each day. As you get more accustomed to working out consistently, then maybe, going to a gym won’t seem like such a far-fetched idea at all. Here are five different 5-minute workouts to kick start with—five minutes may not seem like much, but you’ll definitely break a sweat halfway through any one of them.


To target the core: The 5-minute Yoga Workout with Tara Stiles

Quick cardio: Shaun T’s 5-minute Fat-Blasting Workout

Targetting the abs: 5-minute Abs with XHIT Daily

Total body-toning: The 5-minute One-Dumbell Workout by Women’s Health

For an injection of fun: Run The World with Benjamin Allen


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